Indices from FTSE ST Index Series are now available on TradingView

Aug 18, 2023

It’s all about quality; that’s why we keep adding more data and trying to make it more precise and unique. This time we’ve added indices data from the FTSE ST Index Series, an index group managed by FTSE Russell, SPH Media Trust, and the Singapore Exchange.

FTSE Russell is a global data provider managing numerous stock market indices and offering solutions for investors to track investment performance and manage risks. It partnered with the Singapore Press Holdings Media Trust, publisher of The Straits Times newspaper, the most widely-read title in Singapore, and the Singapore Exchange, Singapore’s primary market. Together they created the FTSE ST Index Series, a broad group of indices tracking various companies and sectors within the Singapore market. It’s aimed at giving global investors a better look at one of the world’s most competitive economies.

FTSE ST Index Series tracks companies of different sizes and can be used for benchmarking purposes as well as for creating institutional funds, ETFs, derivatives contracts, and other index-linked financial products. The main index of the family is the Straits Times Index (STI). Serving as the benchmark for Singapore’s stock market, it tracks the top 30 companies on the Singapore Exchange. There’s also the FTSE ST All Share Index that represents 98% of the Singapore market capitalization, and other indices.

Finally, the indices’ data from FTSE ST Index Series is available on TradingView: to see the complete list, open the symbol search and type the “FTSEST:” prefix:

The newly-assets data will help in your global markets analysis and let you see the Singapore market from a broader perspective. Don’t forget that our platform reliably connects to hundreds of data feeds, with direct access to 1,357,880 instruments from all over the world. All this makes TradingView your only needed point of entry for everything markets.

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