New Release of the Stable Version Charting Library and Trading Terminal 1.15

Jan 14, 2020

We’re excited to present a new release of the stable versions for the Charting Library and Trading Terminal. We added new indicators, made windows more responsive for mobile, fixed bugs, and expanded the API for creating drawing tools. The latest update adds more functionality, speed, and performance to the Charting Library and Trading Terminal for our partners. Before reading on please note that you have to be logged into your GitHub account to view the following links.

What’s New in the Charting Library?

User Interface
  • Made the dialogue of indicators adaptive (Github issue #4247)
    Use indicators on any device, especially mobile!
  • Added a new type of chart called Min-Max (Github issue #3898)
    A new way to present data for versatile market analysis!
  • Multiple price scales (Github issue #3900)
    More scales, which means more ways to adjust your perspective.
  • Added Invert Scale setting (Github issue #3376)
    Turn the direction of the price chart upside-down with the invert scale setting.
  • API for managing the main series (Github issue #4169)
    Now there are even more options for customizing the chart.
  • Added the Strong Magnet setting (Github issue #3902)
    The strong magnet makes the drawing anchors snap to the values ​​of the graph regardless of how far the cursor is from them.
  • Added the Thin Bars option (Github issue #3900)
    Customize the appearance of the chart bars to your liking!
  • Added the ability to set Custom intervals (Github issue #1191)
    More freedom of choice for charting and data analysis!

  • Added ability to format price display for large orders (Github issue #4360).
  • Added a new additional parameter for the method that sets the visible area on the timeline (setVisibleRange), which determines the value of the right margin in percent (Github issue #4512).
  • Added the ability to apply the default right margin when applying the borders of the visible area (setVisibleRange) (Github issue #4233).
  • Added an option that, when a new bar appears, allows the chart to shrink rather than move beyond the left border (Github issue #4188).
  • For bars with a higher resolution than 1D the getVisibleRange method now returns a time period starting at 00.00 (Github issue #4187).
  • Updated data for supported time zones (Sao Paulo) (Github issue  #4449).
  • Added the ability to hide the legend on the chart (Github issue  #4126).
  • Added the ability to remove the limit on the maximum stretching of the chart on the timeline (Github issue  #4043).
  • Fixed a price tag display for all types of chart input parameters (Github issue  #4042).
  • Added method to get the timezone of the selected chart (Github issue #3943).
  • Added a method for receiving an event to remove an indicator from the chart (Github issue #3899).
  • Changed the way custom indicators are loaded (Github issue  #3563).
  • Added the ability to make the background color of the chart transparent (Github issue #3288).
  • The symbol from the graph constructor settings is now overwritten by the symbol from the loaded saved graph (Github issue #2493).
  • Added a new method (setVisiblePriceRange) to set the specific price range on the chart (Github issue #1408).
  • Added the ability to change the height and order of additional panes using software methods (Github issue #1232).

Added 21 new popular indicators to expand the possibilities of technical analysis (Github issue #4170).

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed the issue with the moving indicator during chart resizing  (Github issue #4456).
  • Fixed saving, renaming, and creating a copy of the graph after deleting the saved workspace  (Github issue  #4454) (Github issue  #3878) (Github issue  #3872).
  • Fixed an error when loading a saved template (Github issue  #4407).
  • The time intervals for the comparison tools and the main series now always correspond (Github issue  #4372).
  • The amount of data loaded for the indicator now always corresponds to the amount of data loaded for the main series (Github issue #4366).
  • Fixed font selection for the position label on a chart (Github issue #4353).
  • Fixed the indicator offset on the Time Scale on real-time data (Github issue #4366).
  • Returned the ability to add the Volume indicator to an additional chart pane (Github issue #4198).
  • Fixed the text display for the Note drawing tool (Github issue #4144).
  • Fixed the way setVisibleRange and getVisibleRange methods operate (Github issue #4110).
  • Returned the ability to add a tooltip for an order label on the chart (Github issue #4079).
  • Fixed the instant closing of the indicator dialog after a click (Github issue #4077).
  • Fixed using setVisibleRange method for multiple graphs in a layout (Github issue #4068).
  • Fixed entering numerical values ​​as a symbol on a chart (Github issue #4039).
  • The operation confirmation dialog now closes when both buttons of the dialog are clicked (Github issue #3981).
  • Fixed the result of the getAllShapes method (Github issue #3966).
  • Fixed working with fonts in order and position labels (Github issue #3962).
  • The save chart dialog now appears after deleting a saved chart (Github issue #3954).
  • Fixed the ability to set text to drawing tools when creating through software-based methods (Github issue #3930).
  • Fixed the text display for the Horizontal line (Github issue #3918).
  • Fixed the chart scroll when clicking on a Trend Line in mobile Safari (Github issue  #3871).
  • Improved TypeScript typings (Github issue #3826).
  • Fixed an error when restoring default chart settings (Github issue #3755).
  • The time range on the chart set in the library constructor is now displayed correctly (Github issue #3722).
  • Fixed date display for bars with two hours resolution (Github issue #3678).
  • Eliminated the disappearance of drawing tools from the chart on some resolutions (Github issue #3594).
  • Eliminated the label overlap on the price scale when the No overlapping labels option is selected (Github issue #3513).
  • Returned the ability to change the order by dragging the order label on the chart (Github issue #3480).
  • Fixed the issue of changing the type of chart when changing the color theme (Github issue #3459).
  • Fix the plot visibility settings for Pivot-Points (Github issue #3441).
  • Fixed a method to override properties when creating paint tools (Github issue #3419).
  • When changing a symbol, the tooltips for Events called for the previous symbol on the chart are now hidden (Github issue #3165).
  • Fixed the problem of displaying the drawing tools’ marks when the disableSelection option is enabled (Github issue #2864).
  • Fixed the sizing for the tooltip of the Forecast drawing tool (Github issue #2289).
  • Changed the behavior for the context menu so that the submenu does not overlap the context menu items. (Github issue #2007).

What’s New in the Trading Terminal?

User Interface

Added new chart layout options in a multichart (Github issue #3629).

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed the display of market depth (Github issue #3975).
  • Removed the Trading context menu item for the context menu of additional chart panels (Github issue #3926).
  • Fixed all Japanese chart types (Github issue #3893).
  • Fixed an issue when trying to close positions from the chart in the Trading Terminal (Github issue #4245).
  • Removed loading of non-existing .mp3 files in the Trading terminal (Github issue #4052).

Thanks for reading and please let us know your thoughts about our latest updates. Stay tuned for more features and releases in the future.

The TradingView Team

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