November 9, 2021

New features for live streamers

We created Streams so traders and investors across the globe can talk markets, watch shows or webinars, and share their strategies live on video. And, since launching Streams last year, streamers and creators have broadcast over 100,000 hours of live streaming video content! In our latest update, we want to introduce you to all of the latest tools and features that we’ve been working on.

Improved Performance

Our live streams have never been faster. We’ve made several improvements under the hood that make live streams smoother including less buffering times, clearer video quality, and better sounding audio. We’ve also enabled streaming software by default for all live streamers. This means you can stream your show directly to TradingView using OBS, xSplit, Streamlabs, and other tools.

Likes, Coins, and Sharing

We continue to make live Streams more engaging by encouraging viewers to tip their favorite live streamers. All members can send live streamers TradingView Coins. Remember, 100 coins equals $1. So if you send over a few hundred coins, you have successfully treated a live streamer to a cup of coffee!

In addition, all live Streams can now be shared to Twitter, Facebook, and other networks by using the social sharing features available to you. For example, we’ve added a one-click link sharing tool so you can copy and paste a live streaming link with ease. We also added a Like button so that you can boost your favorite live streamers profile within TradingView.

Analytic Tools for Live Streamers

Live streamers now have access to individual analytics reports. This means streamers can see how they’re doing, in real time. Check how many people have watched your stream, interacted with it, and more. Live streaming analytic reports can be found on the “Streams” tab of your profile under the “Analytics” tab.

Private Webinars

Streams can be public, shown to everyone on TradingView; but you can also use live Streams for private webinars and private events. At setup, click the Private button. Only people with the link will be able to watch your live stream. It’s effortless and your viewers can chat with you as you stream.

Embed Your Live Stream

Copy a basic embed code by clicking the three dots and embed the live stream anywhere. Run a webinar on your own website. This feature can be especially useful for those who run Private Streams and want to host it on their own website or app.

Please keep in mind we are improving the tool daily. Please keep sending us feedback and pay attention to our updates as much as possible!

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