March 25, 2022

QuickSwap and Co. — new DeFi data on TradingView

We’re here today to make all DeFi fans happy — please welcome three more DeFi exchanges on TradingView! Although some of them have already been available for some time, now they’ve been integrated based on the Polygon network. 

QuickSwap is an automated market maker loved by many users for its high speed and lower fees — thanks to Polygon. You can now easily access various tokens and their combinations provided by this exchange without leaving the TradingView platform — just use the prefix QUICKSWAP: and then the ticker you need: for example, QUICKSWAP:WETH.

The other two exchanges, Honeyswap and SushiSwap, have already been integrated, but before they were only available as based on xDai and Ethereum blockchains accordingly. Now they’re also using the Polygon network, and you can access their data with the prefixes HONEYSWAPPOLYGON: and SUSHISWAPPOLYGON:.

We hope the new data will help you make your analysis more accurate and efficient. We’re always open to your feedback, and we do our best to provide our users with as much data as possible.


Team TradingView

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