November 6, 2019
The New Way to Connect with Brokerages

At TradingView we’re on a mission to build the best tools for traders and investors globally, and as a broker-neutral platform, we connect to everyone. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Top Brokers on TradingView.

Top Brokers on TradingView is where investors discuss, rate, and connect with brokers in a trustworthy and transparent way. It gives the TradingView community the chance to leave genuine reviews and discover relevant offers from brokers, all while remaining on To get started, visit the Top Brokers on TradingView section, find your broker, and leave a review. Or follow along to see what others are saying about the brokers that matter to them.


In the financial world, trust is everything. We believe this new product will increase that trust and help newcomers make the right decision. Reviews are only created by verified users of a specific brokerage and will allow them to share their experiences as real customers.

We built the product to serve as a bridge between financial businesses and self-directed investors and traders. In this way, it helps everyone find the best brokerage for them and make more informed decisions. It also helps brokers who can connect with the next generation of investors on their favorite platform, TradingView.

Thanks for choosing TradingView and we look forward to seeing new connections formed!

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