Two new ways to screen Crypto Pairs

Oct 31, 2022

Our Crypto Pairs Screener now has two new indicators – “Volume 24h in USD” and “Volume 24h Change%”.

Trading volume is a good indicator of the liquidity and popularity of each instrument among investors/traders. The “Volume 24h in USD” indicator shows the total trading volume for this crypto instrument/pair over the last 24 hours in USD. If you want to know how the dollar volume has changed, just add the “Volume 24h Change%” indicator to your chart. It displays the percentage change in volume over the past 24 hours and may indirectly indicate market moves.

24-hour volume data can be viewed:

  • In the Crypto Pairs Screener from the default Overview column set
  • In the Markets tab of the symbol of the crypto pair you are interested in, under the default Overview column set

How to work with these features?

In the Crypto Pairs Screener:

  • Filter the indicator depending on your strategy:

  • Add indicators to the Screener list and sort as needed:

For a more detailed analysis of a specific crypto coin, you can view the trading volume of that token on different exchanges through the Markets tab of the symbol you’re interested in. For your convenience, the Overview column set is by default sorted by the “Volume 24h in USD” indicator.

We hope you find this highly-requested feature as useful as we think it’ll be, and please do keep sending us your feedback and suggestions so we can make the platform the best it can be. We build TradingView for you, and we’re always keen to hear your thoughts.

We wish you many profitable trades and all sorts of new gems in your portfolio!

With love,
Your TradingView.

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