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- I never understood why most students needed to learn what a Log was until I've studied a BTC chart.
- A Log curve in simple term goes 0 to .99999999
- It never touches 1. It is infinite. Meaning it goes forever always getting closer to 1.
- My assumption is that BTC will become stable one day. It may take many more halving's for that to happen.
- With that being said, that's why BTC is an excellent investment opportunity in the year 2020. (Of course with a proper bottom entry)
- Each halving comes a significant reduction of ( RIO ) Return On Investment.
- After many hours of studying this chart. I observed a pattern. BTC usually switches trends yearly on the macro level.
- I base that theory on this chart. If historical evidence does in fact repeat then my theory analysis will be true.
- I like to think of this chart of like playing darts w/ a blindfold on. It is a million dollar question.
- Many say BTC is in a Wyckoff pattern. " Fill the gap"

I tend to believe that Bitcoin will revolutionize the world the same way the internet has been able to. I will remain optimistic because I believe in the technology.

Like & drop a comment on what you think will happen.


Past is not future.
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Balhaar123 disobey
@disobey, bro, It's logarithmic chart and you know what they say: "Logarithmic charts are windows into the future" and "Logarithmic charts never lie so buy bitcoin bro''
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hm doesnt make sense actually.
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I don't believe it can be charted. Think of it like looking into a mirror. Charts can only move up and down. Btc has unrealized, let's say, xyz movement. You can kinda say its alive. Its a properly trained killing machine. You can kinda call it a weapon of war. If its master can keeps it well fed, there's no limit. Btc is not new. Its been around forever. Do some Mayan math. Think outside the norm.
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I found that.

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While I agree that Bitcoin has the potential for further logarithmic growth, you're understanding of log charts is incorrect. You are in fact throwing darts with a blindfold on in a way.

The difference between a log chart and a linear chart is simply the scale of the Y-axis. A linear chart's scale is distinct and each point represents an equal amount, while a logarithmic chart spreads the value out as if it were approaching infinity. That in no way implies that the asset being measured is forever is getting closer to it's infinite bound. A log chart simply scales from zero to the upper limit value ("approaching" infinity); but infinity is arbitrary and depends on the chart.

There is absolutely no correlation between an asset's price and whether you're using a log or linear chart, it is a scale; nothing more than a tool to display a value with a large relative change between it's high and low in a more user-friendly way. Due to the scaling, a log chart will always make an asset look as if it is becoming more stable, because as you go higher up the Y-axis of the chart, the intervals get smaller and smaller. If you're assuming that BTC will stabilize based on a log chart, you're being fooled by the scale which, by itself, is NOT an accurate portrait of volatility.

Also, the halving does not reduce ROI. It only reduces the incoming supply of BTC, nothing more. Market forces determine what happens to the price, halving or no halving, as we can see even your "consolidation" periods show pretty aggressive growth.

Your "consolidation" between November 2011 and November 2012 is actually a bull run with a 400% price increase; Jan 2015 to Jan 2016 represents a 200% bull run, and Jan 2019 to Jan 2020 a 300% increase in price. The yellow areas actually indicate an INCREASE in volatility in 4-year cycles.

The bull trend you have starting in 2020 looks like a bull run, it is only represents a 27% increase in price so far. Since the scale isn't linear, early price movements look extremely exaggerated compared to later ones. If we were to just make a prediction based on the fact that it's a log chart and without any knowledge of what's being measured, it would appear that the curve is flattening and approaching a 10-year peak around $20k

If you don't really understand the scale, looks can be deceiving. There are definitely very distinct bear trends representing a ~85% decrease in price roughly one year after every halving. Each halving has sparked a bull run that saw an 8000%, 2500%, and (so far) 30% increase in price respectively.

According to the pattern, this current bull run should give us a 1000% increase from last halving price, meaning a price of $94,500 by May 2021 (assuming the curve isn't flattening to $20k).
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idz HeyJonBray
@HeyJonBray, I think the reason many people use the log charts is that they're trying to predict the possible effect of the halvings on prices. Because if you use the linear chart, measuring the triangle breakout on the weekly, for instance, would give a target of roughly $ 30K. The actual price is a result of fundamental factors such as market adoption and penetration, and market forces as well (fluctuations). It can be the case that the halvings end up triggering the bull runs as higher highs are made, coupled with higher market adoption/penetration and dwindling "supplies".
@idz, You're missing my point, I'm not taking any issue with a log chart, it's the huge pile of misinformation I want to point out for future readers.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with using a log chart, in fact it's preferable when you have a meteoric rise or high volatility during a short period of time like Bitcoin has. I default to a log chart on any large timeframe, but it's nothing more than a different scale. If you draw a trendline or triangle on a log chart and a linear chart with the same coordinates (Date, Price), you will get the exact same results. The linear chart just may be more difficult to interpret and/or require scrolling/zooming.

@AthenticWhale1 simply provided a strategy based on an incorrect understanding of what a log chart is, and clearly didn't do the math to see that their patterns as drawn not only don't back up their theory, but invalidate it in a number of places.
idz HeyJonBray
@HeyJonBray, I see. Thanks. How did you get to your 1000% for the current bull run and $ 94,500 by May 2021?
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