BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
- I never understood why most students needed to learn what a Log was until I've studied a BTC chart.
- A Log curve in simple term goes 0 to .99999999
- It never touches 1. It is infinite. Meaning it goes forever always getting closer to 1.
- My assumption is that BTC will become stable one day. It may take many more halving's for that to happen.
- With that being said, that's why BTC is an excellent investment opportunity in the year 2020. (Of course with a proper bottom entry)
- Each halving comes a significant reduction of ( RIO ) Return On Investment.
- After many hours of studying this chart. I observed a pattern. BTC usually switches trends yearly on the macro level.
- I base that theory on this chart. If historical evidence does in fact repeat then my theory analysis will be true.
- I like to think of this chart of like playing darts w/ a blindfold on. It is a million dollar question.
- Many say BTC is in a Wyckoff pattern. " Fill the gap"

I tend to believe that Bitcoin will revolutionize the world the same way the internet has been able to. I will remain optimistic because I believe in the technology.

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Comment: US Dollar chart

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