Is Bitcoin Bull Run Finished? Has the Bear Market started?

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
So, previous analysis was privately published and indicated the top was near and that April or May we would see BTC drop in price. This all coincides with my big picture of BTC which I outlined over 12 months ago what the path forward until Dec 2022 would look like. So far I have been correct except the last month's drop was more than expected.

This chart is explained in explicit detail here: along with many other charts and graphs to show the path forward for the next 3 to 6 months.

If you were privy to the private analysis you would of sold near the top and waited for the drop or shorted it like a pro. If you got rekt from having long positions open, I suggest you dust yourself off and move on, what's done is done. The thing you need to take from being rekt is experience and to not allow it to happen again.
How will you stop yourself from being rekt next time though? Follow the same free analysts on TV that are permabulls and operate at 30% accuracy?
Or get a 90%+ analyst to guide you along your journey?

Happy trading legends!


Take a look at my other charts and analysis below to see my unbelievable correct analysis record. If this kind of analysis interests you and you want more than just 1 or 2 correct chart analyses every month or so, check out my website and become a member.
Comment: Just thought I'd mention if you want to increase your trading skills I suggest you implement my most commonly used indicators like EMA/MA's, BB, Ichimoku, LMACD, RSI. If you have only a free TV account you will require 2 different exchange charts on the one crypto coin market to cover all these angles. Also, always good to setup an alert on the buy and sell areas I show in videos so TV send you an email when it hits this area and you know to buy or sell. I use Fibonacci sequence alot in crypto trading as per my Twitter explanation.
Comment: Look similar? Even the moving averages are similar. for more analysis with my current record of over 93% correct.

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Hilarious, nail every analysis I post and I get 5 likes. What an upside down world we live in where 'top' analysts with 10 to 40% accuracy rates lead the field in crypto analysis.
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The_Royal_Dutchman Pro_Trader_HTBB
@Pro_Trader_HTBB, Hi man, I've seen some of your post and videos and I was wondering the same a bit. My personal idea might be the flashiness, charisma (person) and simplicity of the other top analyst you refer to. I think a lot of people here are just there for a quick grab, they might not really take their time to go in depth. Another thing might be your bold statements: 90% success factor etc (even though this could be right!). Your title name and picture also (to me at first sight) look like a pop-up add. Now don't get me wrong! I'm typing this to maybe help answer your question :)

Look at project syndicate. He doesn;t get a lot of likes compared to others. Maybe because of the same reasons?
Final thing might be that people don't check all the ideas on bitcoin. There are a lot of posts and you might get pushed down quickly. I really only checkk ideas of people I'm subscribed to for example.

What I find really good about your post is you go through tings step by step and don't give flat statements.

Maybe think about the reason why you're posting. If it's to help, does the thumbs up really mater? If it's to get attention/a lot of likes/be noticed, then maybe find out why you're not noticed.

Anyway. My goal with this is to help, as a thank you for your ideas and time.
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Pro_Trader_HTBB The_Royal_Dutchman
@The_Royal_Dutchman, thanks for your feedback.

I just tell it how it is. 9 times out of 10 I am right. This is not a bold statement but just fact, you can check this fact by checking every posted chart I have ever done.

Why the thumbs up or comments help is that it shows that my posts are helping others.

It seems none of the analysis I have posted so far helped anyone so this is why I post less and less analysis as I figure no one likes trading at 90% accuracy.

The TradingView community prefer analysts that have more followers but trade at 30% accuracy and call head and shoulder patterns that are invalid or don't even know how to use EMA/MA's properly. The latest post I cringed at on BTC was from a trader (would not call him an analyst) with over 105000 followers who doesn't even know what a death cross is. Wow, that says it all really!
Nice job mate!
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Pro_Trader_HTBB dread_knight
@dread_knight, thanks mate!
great job mate! very professionally done...
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@mjxcrypto, thanks, let's see where the whales take us shall we?