BTCUSD Daily Inflection Point 2

Mikhiavelli Updated   
Bitcoin has just about hit the last transient zone, 25k area and has consolidated some 2 months.

It didn't quite reach my first target, but it did consolidate in this zone hitting important price levels leaving new targets.
the 10k-5k zone is an ideal area for the next wave to hit and consolidate in, and because we hadn't hit the 15-10k zone yet, bullish moves are unlikely.
the 13k price has been a target of mine for a while, and in recent charts 1k target has also been considered.

For now, all I see is a dip in crypto, we're apparently in a 5th wave correction, I'm hoping for a quick dip instead of a long complicated correction. It would make more sense seeing what the world markets are doing.

1 Hour

4 Hour

1 Day

1 Week

Also Noteably We're under the 1x1 on the Log All Time Gann Chart/Box

If bitcoin can break up in this zone, then long positions will be considered.

This is not finanical advice.
straight ballin