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I love the logarithmic view of BTC. It gives a clearer indication of price increases alongside growth. Although inflation and value factors aren't physically calculated into the price, seeing the upwards curve makes more sense from a "holistic view" that would include things such as growth and inflation.

A logarithmic chart view displays price changes as a percentage of the previous price. This means that equal vertical distances on the chart represent equal percentage changes, regardless of the absolute price level.
This is in contrast to a regular chart view, which displays price changes on an arithmetic scale. This means that equal vertical distances on the chart represent equal absolute price changes.

With help of great technical indicators, we can use the logarithmic chart as a sort of "roadmap".
The logarithmic trendline indicator (log trend channel) shows possible support and resistance zones. The logarithmic moving averages show possible support zones, and help identify if the price is generally trading bearish (under) or bullish (over).

Logarithmic Moving averages / support zones :

Just for interest sake, I mapped out the date-ranges, as well as how far the price fell logarithmically after each top. You'll see the word "clicks" on the chart. This simply indicates the amount of diagonal trendlines it has fallen. By using this pattern-dedicated approach, a commonality is found which may be useful in speculating a future price. Because if not for past history, how else would we speculate on the future?

It's interesting to note that the past 3 ATH's (all time high's) are each lower than the previous if you compare it not to price but to the "click lines". Even the fourth high (the one coming next) will be on a lower click-line than the previous, and that estimate is already over 300k. This is a really helpful way to speculate a future high because usually on a regular-view chart, the zone above the ATH is uncharted territory. You could use a Fibonacci trend-based extension, but this is limited to the cycle that you're using for input points. Logarithmic chart + indicators factor in the entire history of the price.

What are your thoughts, do you think 300K is realistic by September 2025?


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I see on the chart the last vertical date-line isn't showing the date; it's located on 1 September 2025 at $312.5k
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