Docusign - In Theory, A Long-term Technical Multibagger

NASDAQ:DOCU   DocuSign, Inc.
Docusign has its earnings call tomorrow and is another one of those stocks like Disney, Paypal, and Target that's been low for a long time (I have calls linked below), everyone wants to get long on, but they don't go up.

The difference between the other three and Docusign is that Docusign may be undervalued at its $10 billion market cap and has significant tells in its price action that show it may be a multi-bagger long term.

It shows the most clearly on the monthly, as the $180 level that the November of 2021 dump took out was never retested or even attempted to be retested on any time frame.

This generally indicates that the market makers will take price back to this level. This is a notable development in light of the fact that price has been in a grinding chop and long accumulation for almost two years.

However, the monthly and weekly candles show no signs that accumulation is complete.

Namely, we are missing the "manipulation" stage of price action where lows are raided.

Considering my thesis on the Nasdaq and the SPX being very bearish this month is legitimate:

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On the basis that the JPM Collar where America and the world's most significant bank is long 15,800 SPX 4,225 puts that expire September 29 and have never been in the money is meaningful, Docusign earnings tomorrow morning may be a vanguard dumpster fire.

The significant part of the Docusign price action is that the weekly bars show that even a pump to $60 or $61 is still bearish, and would follow in the footsteps of Disney and Target in being a market maker clowndunk on bulls.

I think the trade on this is to long a higher lows pattern forming at either $42 or $38, since that would give the entire trading range since the IPO a higher lows pattern, or wait until a scheduled market rebound in 2025 after Joe Biden is given his second term as President because Donald Trump died in prison for Xeeeeeeting about election fraud.

Either way, I think early bulls are going to get merked, but whoever can stay patient on this stock will pick up a multi-bagger.

But that multi-bagger may not be scheduled for years, and years away from now may simply be too far away to matter whatsoever.

The key problem with any long-term bull thesis on anything is the impending collapse of Xi Jinping's Chinese Communist Party, which has become ever more obvious from so many pieces of economic data, including reports that places like Shanghai are abnormally empty at the moment.

The persecution of Falun Gong launched by Xi's predecessor Chairman Jiang Zemin on July 20, 1999, has gone on for 24 years and even included the unprecedented sin of live organ harvesting against 100 million spiritual cultivators.

Although Xi has been executing the Jiang faction in droves since he came to power in 2013 under the Anti-Corruption Campaign for the persecution, and although Jiang died a few years ago, the persecution continues to this day.

Because Xi is the head of the CCP, he's culpable and responsible for everything the Specter of Communism has done in all of human history.

And so what we may see one day shortly is that Xi throws away the CCP during Beijing evening, which conveniently corresponds to right before Manhattan stock market opening.

The gaps down will be relentless, and will never come back. The bump and run reversal plan to scam the entire world out of trillions more dollars by the Party West International Rules Based Order U.S. Empire will be all for nothing, and everyone will run for their lives.

And on that basis, perhaps Docusign will never amount to anything, for those gaps are obviously there to be retraded to during the next pseudopandemic where you're supposed to stay in your house with the heat off, live on the Metaverse, work on Zoom, digital sign documents, and stay in your open air "15 Minute City" prisons.

Because everyone has been going to Shanghai and Tsinghua to swear Marxist vows, sing Marxist songs, and train the CCP's Zero-COVID Social Credit System for export in exchange for benefits.

Figuring it out isn't very hard. Believing in it isn't very hard. But too many people have made themselves fools.

Humanity, I hope you can walk out of the catastrophe. But in reality, not many will.


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