DOGE COIN - Strong Resistance (As you asked)

BINANCE:DOGEUSDT   Dogecoin / TetherUS
Doge coin hit the 0.6 area as expected.
Right now the market psychology is holding the price at this area for consolidations.
in case a correction happens, the support areas as shown on chart will keep the price up.
Doge coin is easily manipulated by any Twitter individual so if there's no risky news about it, we will pass this resistance area after a few days of consolidations.
If you're into opening long positions, wait for the first 4H candle to close above the resistance area .
⚠️ NOTE: This usually happens when a coin gets hot on crypto platforms: it might go down by a little and then get back up to a new high.
Good Luck 🎲
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Like. Sold all my Doges at 0.667. Knowing this a little risky. Any suggestions on re-entrance area? Is it a good idea to wait for a 0.57 test?