EOS 3D The whole life of the project on one chart

Our previous idea-warning about a correction on EOSUSDT, although it was made on the daily timeframe , worked very quickly and the EOS price fell even below the $ 5-5.5 zone, where we expected it.

By the way, this idea was included in our top 15 ideas for the last 2 months, where a possible future strong correction was clearly visible.

Since the daily time frame worked out quickly, today we will look at the entire history of trading in the EOSUSD pair on the 3D timeframe.

As you can see, the growth of the EOSUSD price on May 12 stopped perfectly in the middle of the global growth channel, along which the price has been moving for more than 3 years.
Then a strong fall down awaited us. The collapse in the market was powerful, and the price broke through even the strong mirror zone of $4.30-4.70, which in history has more than once played the role of resistance or support.

However, buyers happily bought back EOS from $3.50 and above at a very tasty price, creating a Pinbar on the 3D timeframe. Buyers can regard this pattern as a strong signal to continue buying.

It turns out that the bravest and smartest investors who placed buckets for buying in the $3.50-5 zone will soon be able to fix x2-x3 profit, because the price of EOSUSDT has the potential to rise to the $8.70-9.20 zone

Further, a correction to the liquidity mirror zone of $4.30-4.70 may await us again, where again it will be decided who is stronger. Accordingly, it will become clear there: will buyers continue to drive the price by $13 or sellers will continue to push the price towards $3.
But this is a completely different story, which we will write about in new ideas)
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