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When there are some too sharp movements in the market, the trading dynamics clearly changes, when on the 15-minute timeframe the volatility is greater than it was on the daily chart , we always sit down to analytics. In constant movement, you may not notice how you accidentally deviated from the course, from the correct understanding of the market. Therefore, situations like yesterday are great for analysis.

Let's just say that we have been waiting for a correction in the crypto market for 2-3 months. Over the past three months, we have been systematically publishing coin breakpoints and correction targets. Since we do not trade all the coins that we publish here, sometimes we do not have time to track "paper positions". Therefore, today it were pleasantly surprised by what they saw.

Let's start with BTCUSDT . We recently updated our global idea. We wrote about a possible scenario of a fall in the price of BTC since March in our traditional heading "Bitcoin-weekend"

While the scenario is running. Although we were expecting a fall, the drastic drain like yesterday was also a small surprise for us. At the moment, we are expecting a test of the range of $46000-48000, where we will make decisions to keep BTC further or sell.

UNIUSDT. Almost before the start of the powerful fall, we updated the global idea for the Uniswap project token. We rarely meet such a quick development of an idea:

YFIUSDT. Those who placed limit orders for long-term trading according to our idea could wake up in a good mood today. The YFI price reached clearly to the expected range and bounced sharply:

FILUSDT. Also, the idea for the FIL coin worked out as clearly as possible.As a result of a long consolidation in the triangle, the price fell from $198 to $95 in one impulse:

ETHUSDT. Strong and powerful ETH also did not resist the fall in BTC . Even considering the low impact on the cryptocurrency market, the price of ETH dropped to $1,900. We published an idea about the possibility of this correction on May 11:

TRXUSDT. One of the most controversial predictions was Tron. The audience was so eager to continue to grow that they allowed themselves direct insults at us. We hope that this case will finally dispel the unreasonable "wishes" of new market traders and force them to make more informed decisions:

VETUSDT. The idea for the Vecain coin worked just as well. Having found a similar situation in the market and turned it into a fractal , we got a wonderful scenario of price movement. Interestingly, the price went even lower:

EOSUSDT. The global correction in the EOS market was just as lightning fast and the same on target. The price dropped by almost -70% and reached our global target:

WAVESUSDT. The idea, published on May 4, worked great. The price fell by 60% and is now stalled in an important range for continued growth:

DOGEUSDT. Perhaps not 10 times, but the price of DOGE fell quite well. Please note that the publication of this idea was before the start of a new wave of decline:

HOTUSDT. Idea posted on March 31st. Since then, the HOT price has not sustained its explosive growth. The total market decline since the idea was published is -76%.

ONEUSDT. The idea was published on March 22. Roughly from that day, the ONE market began a correction. So far, the price has only reached the first point of the correction. However, given how it is being held, the price may not go below:

XEMUSDT. Good old XEM, it moves perfectly according to our scenario. At the moment, the price has dropped by -60% since the publication:

GRTUSDT. This idea was generally published on February 12th. An interesting fact is that after the publication, buyers did not manage to update the historical maximum. In fact, since February 12, the GRT market has been in a correction. As a result, the price dropped even lower than we expected:

ALGOUSDT. The unsuccessful attempt of the ALGO price to gain a foothold above $1.54 ended in a powerful correction. As a result - working off the idea and falling by 50%:

WINKUSDT. Whoever read the name of our WINK idea could save their deposit:

This idea is just a summary of the development of ideas starting from February. In the process of work, there were ideas that were not fully worked out. Among the short-term ideas were some that were completely unsuccessful. Of course, we are not Gods and on yesterday's fall we did not buy coins on the very hairpins below.

However, in our next statistical idea, we will tell you how things are in our trade marathon, which we started in February, and how we survived yesterday's fall in the cryptocurrency market!

If you are interested in such an idea - write "statistics marathon" in the comments and we will publish it on the weekend!

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