XEM 3D Growth, pain and suffering are all here

In the digest "Weekend Bitcoin" 12, you voted for the analysis of the XEMUSDT pair

A now spoiler - there will be little positive.

For 2 years, the XEM coin rattled the nerves of investors, trading in the $0.03-0.10 range.
But in the fall of last year - it happened, the price of XEMUSDT was able to break out of a protracted trade and continued to grow.
The result is + 850% - a little or a lot, for such a long wait, it is up to NEM investors to decide, we are not from their cohort.
The price rise to $0.85 gave many investors a chance to get out of this long-term investment at breakeven, and maybe even a good profit in the first time since 2018.
And surely many investors took the chance to get out of this "asset" because in just a week the price of XEMUSD dropped by -60% to $0.32

But the scary story does not end there, since the chance of the price of XEMUSDT falling to $0.10 and testing the zone that was previously traded is very, very large.

Positive note: before a possible further fall the price of XEMUSD deep down, there is still a chance to rise to $0.56-0.66

This idea is just our not-biased opinion regarding the XEMUSDT pair, looking exclusively at the chart and without delving into the fundamentals.
Believe our thoughts or not, and how to trade this pair, the decision is only yours)
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Trade closed: target reached: Will update idea soon
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