BTC, BNB, DOGE. 2-year Trade Marathon. Weekly stats # 4

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
The first month of our trade marathon , lasting 2 years behind.
The result is +31.83% per month.
This marathon is designed for medium or large deposits. This means that when choosing a trade, the focus is on low risks. The main points of the trading strategy we described in our first issue:
A total of 22 trades were made during the month, of which:
Unprofitable 8,
break-even 1,
profitable 13.
17 out of 22 trades were medium-term and 5 short-term.

Short-term trading
The small number of short-term trades is due to high market volatility and constant knocking out of short stops. As a result, out of 5 short-term trades, only one was profitable. Trading on a short-term deposit brought -2.5% to the short-term deposit or -0.75% to the total deposit allocated for the marathon . After two weeks of unsuccessful short-term deposit trading, we stopped and switched more to the medium term.

Medium-term trading

Out of 17 medium-term trades:
unprofitable - 4,
break-even - 1,
profitable - 12.
That is, the percentage of profitable trades in the previous month was 70%!
This is a very good result for us. An interesting fact, when we held a 3-month marathon , where the main goal was fast trades with short stops, the number of profitable trades was 31.25%:

The average loss of the previous month of medium-term trading was 4.3% on the position, or 1.1% on the deposit.
The average profit of the position was 21.42% or 5.35% to the deposit. In percentage terms, the average profit to loss ratio for the previous month is 4.86:1.

The best trade in terms of the amount of interest that the price has passed in the direction we need can be considered MATICUSDT:

However, we managed to buy MATIC only for 7% of the total deposit. Therefore, this trade can not be considered the most profitable for the month.

The most profitable trade was the trade at the beginning of the month - BNBUSDT:

Out of 13 profitable medium-term trades, 5 did not reach the 2nd target and closed at a profitable stop, THIS is:

If we analyze these positions, all of them except XRP and DOGE reached our targets, but without us. We decided to reinsure ourselves and not give back the profit we have already received. At the moment, it worked against us and we underpaid. Though, in the future, moving the stops higher will save the deposit and allow soberly assess the situation.
For example, on 22-23 February, all our positions were knocked out at a profitable stop, the sharp fall of the crypto market we observed with fixed profits. This gave us the opportunity to find new interesting trades and increase our deposit.

In the last trading week, we closed our long positions without opening new ones. The uncertainty of the BTC market did not allow us to take risks at historical highs, when it is too late to buy and too early to short.

We are satisfied with the first trading month of our trade marathon . And how was your last trading month?

P.S. Who is interested in all the statistics of our trades - write in the comment "I want statistics"!
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