2-year Trade Marathon. Weekly stats #3

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It's time to publish the trading results of our trade marathon for the previous week. We think everyone has noticed the crypto market stop. As early as the second week, the BTC price is moving in a narrow consolidation and inspires intrigue. Other coins try to use this time to their advantage. However, not everyone succeeds. Going forward, the trading result this week is +6.4% to the total deposit of the marathon . The overall result for 3 weeks +16.31%. Though, we calculated this result from completely closed positions. Open positions for at least some part were not taken into account in calculating the profitability of the marathon . And now in more detail.

In the previous statistical idea, we wrote that we have open positions. Some of these positions were closed this week.
BNBUSDT. We opened the position on 26 February. The price reached our first target and stopped in consolidation. We fixed 50% of the position and are still waiting:
The situation with the BNB was quite tense. About a dollar separated our position from the stop. However, if the BNB price reached our stop, the loss would be calculated only on 20% of the medium-term deposit, as the rest of the deposit is invested in other coins.

MATICUSDT. Trade on this coin provided only one target. Unfortunately, we did not manage to get into this coin with the volume we wanted and at the price we needed. Therefore, the trade result will not greatly affect the size of the deposit. The position is open and we are waiting for a take profit:
DOGEUSDT. Only yesterday the DOGE price reached the first target. The stronger the coin is able to grow, the longer it consolidates.
XRPUSDT. We entered good old Ripple on Sunday, 28 February. Yes, we do not trade on weekends. But it was an old workpiece. We expected the XRP price in this range and after reaching the desired prices we did not hesitate to buy. Unfortunately, the unstable price movement of BTC forced us to tighten our stops and the position closed earlier than we wanted:
QTUMUSDT. We also entered this coin on Sunday and it met our expectations. So far, only one target has been fulfilled, but the prospect of continued growth remains:
UNIUSDT. Great trade that took place over 2 days. While other coins were fast asleep, UNI exceeded our expectations:
FILUSDT. So far, the coin has not moved much, but we are in no hurry to close positions. Went to this coin at about the same time as the UNI . However, the result is radically different.

Given the trading results in the previous two weeks on short-term trades, this week we were not looking for them. This week closes the first month of trading in our two-year trade marathon . Let's see if you can close it on a high note.

And how was your week? Leave your trades and opinions below in the comments. If you want us to continue publishing our statistics, don't forget to like!

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