BTC BNB FIL. 2-year Trade Marathon. Weekly stats #6

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It's time to publish our regular section "2-year Trade Marathon . Weekly stats #6". Who is reading this section for the first time, we advise you to read its beginning:

This week we had our debut, you can congratulate us! We closed the 6th week of our trade marathon in the red. To be more precise -4.8% to the marathon deposit. On the one hand, this is bad news. But we reacted well to this situation.

How can one treat unprofitable trades well? Unprofitable trades for us are an integral part of statistics, which should show how good are the trading strategy, risks and actions of the trader. Therefore, it is our duty to discuss our local failures last week.

So, out of 4 trades we made last week, all 4 were unprofitable. The reason is a change in the local trend of Bitcoin . The work was carried out on identical patterns, which in previous trades gave good results. However, the local trend of falling in the crypto market has reached all our stops.

According to our trading strategy for this marathon , the loss for the week cannot exceed more than 5% of the deposit. Therefore, after a series of unprofitable agreements, we stopped trading to look at the market situation in a new way.

Though, given that the previous week brought us +7.2% to the deposit, the new trading month of crypto marathon even after a losing week remains positive.

And now more about trades.

In addition to the 4 new trades we traded this week, we had open positions from the previous week: THETAUSDT, CRVUSDT, COMPUSDT , ZILUSDT.

THETA and CRV closed profitably, COMP and ZIL - unprofitably. You can see more about these agreements in our previous statistical idea:
Our first pain this week was FILUSDT. However, the main pain was not from the stop-loss, but from the growth momentum that began after it:
Some of our subscribers re-enter to this coin and were able to earn well. But our trading strategy was against this decision.

Our next choice was UNIUSDT. Despite the confident chart and good news background, the UNI price started correction quite late, which led to another loss:

A few days later, we tried 2 more trades for part of our deposit:

DOTUSDT. This coin has long been preparing to break the historical high and its price is constantly consolidating under the key price zone. Though, this time buyers again failed to achieve their target:

The final point in our trade this week was the BNBUSDT coin trade.
One of the best coins at that time, which buyers kept well, was also disappointing:

The overall result for 6 weeks of our trade marathon is +35%. However, it is worth remembering that the trading strategy of this marathon is designed for medium and large deposits. This means that profits also suffer from low risks. But in our opinion, such a strategy is ideal for a long distance.

And how was your trading week? Write your results and coins that helped you earn or lose money in the comments!
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