Ethereum, Final Formational-Validations, Likely Perspectives!

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Hello Traders Investors And Community,

Welcome to this update-analysis about Ethereum , we are looking at the 2-hour timeframe perspective, the recent events, the established formational structure, and what we can expect in the upcoming times. As Ethereum as expected managed to complete the wave-count within the massive channel and also show up with the last distribution to bounce within the Fibonacci-support and form the breakout above the upper boundary with the final breakout-validations, I discovered further signs that will be worthwhile upcoming times, if you did not see the former analysis I highly recommend it to watch as this is building a coherent follow-up to the past, therefore I detected all the important levels and likely destinies we should consider.

Structural Developments:
As when looking at my chart now we can watch there Ethereum now managed to bounce within the upper-boundary bullishly to the upside and besides that form this broadening-wedge-formation marked in my chart with the black boundaries in which it has established this wave-count already completing waves A to D in the schedule fully and is now about to develop the wave E that is likely to complete the whole broadening-wedge which will happen when Ethereum finally moves above the upper boundary of the wedge and confirms it as support, such price-action will activate the upside-targets marked, this will also be the target-zone of the channel-breakout rightly matching with the broadening-wedge.

Upcoming Determinations:
Ethereum is in a situation in which it developed strong formational validations with the proper confirmations happened and ongoing, this is a fundamental step for Ethereum to complete such determinations also on the more global perspectives. Currently, it is also important to distinguish Ethereum from other important Cryptocurrencies as not each is building such strong formational structures as is the case here. The next time it will be telling how Ethereum proceeds further and how it reaches the targets. When the target zones are reached it has to be elevated further if Ethereum manages to continue bullish right away or firstly forms a reversal visiting lower level, it will be an interesting journey ahead.

In this manner, thank you for watching the analysis and for everybody supporting it is great contentment, have a good day and trading!
"Trading effectively is about assessing possibilities, not certainties."

Information provided is only educational and should not be used to take action in the markets.
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Hello, it's written in English but I'm not understanding any of it....
In summary, are you saying it's currently on wave E and is moving up towards 2000...?
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Andych99 AlaskanTrader
@AlaskanTrader me too. Full of wording but I am not sure up or down. But he is good.
+1 Reply
VincePrince AlaskanTrader
@AlaskanTrader, Hello, well, in trading and technical analysis it is always important to look at different factors and elevation of possibilities.

As mentioned in the analysis when Ethereum completes the wedge and closes above the boundary the next likely target is 2000. Greetings.
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ismailbuta VincePrince
@VincePrince, well Explained
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VincePrince ismailbuta
@ismailbuta, Thank you 💯
Great analysis playing out as mentioned in original posts! Definitely think we should head upwards towards 2k level before finding resistance both technical and psychological.

Thanks again for the explanation.
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VincePrince Blizz-View
@Blizz-View, Thank you, and thanks for sharing your idea, it will be an important dynamic.
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Thanks for the very detailed count. I agree that since weve been knocking at resistance a few times, we might get a genuine breakout to 2k and above:
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VincePrince cryptotraderog
@cryptotraderog, Thank you and thanks for sharing, interesting thoughts.