ETH - 6h. We expect a test of the mark of $3600

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
For almost the second week, the ETH market froze in an intriguing consolidation below the mark of $3000. After a powerful wave of decline that ended on May 23, buyers began to recover the ETHUSDT market. Although trading volumes have been low over the past week, there is no denying the fact that buyers are confidently managing to keep control of the lower trendline and push the price of ETHUSD upwards. Reducing the impact of BTC on the crypto market has a positive effect on ETH:
The chart shows that even the consolidation process in the ETH market looks much more positive than in the BTC market. In this price range, sellers are too weak to continue the downward momentum. Therefore, our subjective opinion is that during this week the buyers will succeed in low volumes, but with systematic pressure to take control of the mark of $3000. Successful breakout and consolidation of the ETHUSDT price above this mark will open the way for buyers to the important critical point of $3600. It is at this mark that there is a high risk of a repeated fall wave with a possible renewal of the local low.

If we look at the 3-day timeframe, we can see that at the moment buyers have only managed to stop the wave of the fall:
That is, we saw a stop and a set of a local position to start an upward rebound. However, the buyers' attempts to return the market situation and show the real forces that remained have not yet happened.

In addition to this fact, the ETHBTC price chart adds a positive note on the ETH market:
As you can see on the chart, buyers managed to almost completely absorb the fall of the weekly candle from May 17.

An alternative scenario in the ETH market will come after the sellers break through $2,550. In this case, buyers will be forced to defend themselves again in the range of $2050.
We create both short-term ideas (for a local understanding of the market situation) and medium-term forecasts of price movements.
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How did it go? LOL
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P_S_trade ImgoingBananas
@ImgoingBananas, down, but after will go up
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@P_S_trade, hit bottom ZERO bounce to 100 dlls LOL Crypto is done, better odds at the casino
P_S_trade ImgoingBananas
@ImgoingBananas, it's your choice)
@P_S_trade, falling knife
@P_S_trade it was edge for short entry
that's obviously a continuation wedge on the short side. look at that same chart on a 1 day
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P_S_trade SwayzePunkz
@SwayzePunkz, will see soon
Great analysis, awesome!
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P_S_trade Mehdisouriiii
@Mehdisouriiii, thanks