Chia XCHUSDT 6h So far there is little positive on the chart

OKEX:XCHUSDT   Chia Network / Tether
In recent months, the Chia Network project made a little noise and made itself felt in the cryptocurrency market because the price of the Chia token reached $1,700 at highs

Our colleague, more closely follows the project, and told us that the project is developing, the network has grown more than 60 times and there are many positive reviews more.

We do not know how and do not want to fall in love with projects, but simply consider each of them as a tool for trading.

So let's see what the XCHUSDT chart tells us.

Now we see little positive on the chart, the volumes are decreasing, and the price falls with red candles and without any problems and struggles approached the critical level of $500.
Below $500, the nerves of the most stable ones will give way and the price of ChiaUSDT may start to fall even faster.
We assume that a lot of money will start to be purchased thoroughly no earlier than in the $320-340 zone.

The minimum positive scenario is a rebound from $500 to $ 570-600
And then you will have to look at who is stronger:
- If buyers, then grow up to $900 is possible
- If sellers, then drop to $400, or even to $320-340
Since 2016, we have been analyzing and trading the cryptocurrency market.
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Looks bearish so far..
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Great idea! Thumbs up:)
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Good and nice fundamental outlook👏
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P_S_trade jazerbay
@jazerbay, thank you mate
good analysis here :) will wait for confirmation thx
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@jojofang0901, thanks for comment
I agree with your opinion 🦐
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