Link 1D Global Idea, Support and Resistance Levels

Your attention to our global vision on the LINKUSDT chart

At the moment, the price is in consolidation, and the "spring is compressed", there will soon be an impulse and most likely upward.

At the top we have a level of $32.70 - which we consider to be a critical level, near which the future global movement in the LINKUSD trading pair will be decided

If the critical level will break up and consolidation on the level, then there will be all conditions for continued growth to the beautiful level of $44.44 for LINK

The negative scenario is activated if buyers are unable to break the critical level of $32.70 upwards.
In this case, we can expect a significant price reduction.
The downward movement of the price can occur schematically behind the black arrow within the theoretical channel.
The lower target for the decline is around the $17. 40 level.
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Trade closed: target reached

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