LTC - 4h. Growth to $207 is possible on one condition

BINANCE:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / TetherUS
The total price drop did not bypass the LTC market. One of the most liquid coins of the crypto market fell by 30% in two days. Quite a good result if we compare that the drop in the price of BTC was about 22%.

Our previous idea missed the mark a bit:

However, the rebound after testing the mark of $157.29 was rather weak. Given the nature of the growth, we believe that the likelihood of a continuation of the local growth wave is high.

The main condition is to keep the mark of $170. If sellers test this mark at low volumes, we will expect the continued growth of the LTCUSDT price to $207.

Looking at the BTC chart, you need to have another scenario in mind. If BTC buyers do not hold on to $46,000 - 46,500, the price will continue to fall towards $ 42,000. In this case, LTCUSD will test the mark of $146 .
Trade closed: target reached

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