Stocks Selloff, Cling to Lower Levels in the 4600's

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 Index
4729, but this level seemed prohibitive for stocks, and we sold off from there slicing through 4693 with ease, but finding support at 4649. We made a brief attempt at a pivot , but 4668 is proving to be an obstacle as a red triangle on the KRI has confirmed resistance here. The Kovach OBV has dropped off notably into bearish territory, but is starting to level off. We will need to see more momentum here before we can test the 4700's again. If so, the next target is 4729 again. If the bear rout continues, then we should have support from 4632, but after that, we have a vacuum zone down to 4580, which has provided support during the sharp selloff on the 10th, and is likely to continue to hold.

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