VISA, Ascending-Channel-Formation, Continuations Ahead!

NYSE:V   Visa Inc

Welcome to this analysis about the stock VISA and the 4-hour timeframe perspectives. Although with many ups and downs in a volatile range the stock kept building up the bullish trend and is now still in an all-time-high region. In this structure now I detected some interesting developments the stock is forming that are worthwhile in the upcoming determinations. Especially as the stock already recently has shown up with some initial bullishness to the upside this can continue and lead to further developments in this main formation. For now, there are still bullish continuations possible however the bearish perspectives should not be kept by side especially when considering the upcoming distribution.

As when looking at my chart now we can watch there how the stock established this major ascending-channel-formation in the structure with the coherent wave-count in the channel. Furthermore, the stock has the main ranges in the upper and lower sections of the channel with the accumulational range marked in green in the lower boundary region and the distributional range in the upper boundary region. Besides that the stock has the coherent wave-count in the formation and the waves A to D already completed. At the moment the stock is continuing with the wave-count and the development of the wave E in the structure as the stock already increased with volatility recently this is the appropriate condition for the wave E to move on.

Mainly it will be important on how the stock continues with the wave E in this structure and how it will approach the upper sections of the main ascending-channel-formation, especially the distributional range marked in red will be crucial as the next distribution in this range will likely emerge once the stock moves into it. What comes after that will be the decisive factor for the upcoming movements because either the stock manages to stabilize in the channel structure again or increases with bearishness that much that a test of the lower boundary will follow firstly. Although central banks working on implementing the central bank digital currencies and cryptocurrency keeps expanding classical payment providers are still there nevertheless it is likely that there will come determining disruptions and changes in this field also when central bank digital currencies emerge, will be an important and interesting development ahead.

In this manner, thank you for watching my analysis about VISA and the major ascending-channel-formation with the ongoing wave-count within and the upcoming determinations, great when you support it with a like and follow or comment, all the best!
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