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Hey Everyone,

Hope you have all been trading BTC , it is not quite time yet to preorder your LAMBO, but the profits have been amazing lately... And earlier today I got a text from my son...


That to me says it all... mainstream media have also started reporting ON EVERY NEWS BREAK TODAY!!!

This is where things start to get wild though, we have in the not so distant future talk about Crypto becoming a regulated market... and it is a much needed overhaul to stamp out illegal activity and give crypto a cleaner image.... Although as a TRADER, I love the volatility crypto right now has to offer...and I won't deny the profits, I am already planning my next holiday!

Technical Stuff
Well this I have made easy for you today... Green wave up... Red wave down.
I believe it is critical to hold $11,400-11,800 to remain super bullish . My target is arounf the $30,000 mark for the NEXT HIGH as shown on my chart from 22nd JUNE 2019 (Before other traders showed similar) Also like I mentioned in the previous chart - sell the targets and long above resisance so as to not get caught if a quick drop occurred as it did again today.

(minimize your risk, use a stop loss. Especially in Margin Trades) ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Lisa


The Legal stuff - I'm not financial adviser. Just a few quick thoughts - remember you sit at your computer, you push the buttons...

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Comment: Not quite what I was looking for, my stop was hit at 2% loss, so not huge after all the profits, and you have to be in it to win it...

BTC so far is holding this region, Next support if this current area breaks down is $10,800
Comment: Another thing I have just noticed is BTC is holding and bouncing from the trend line, this should hold as we complete a flat ABC correction
Comment: BTC smashed through that trend line and has headed for next support which is $10,800 - I am not recommending BUYING yet until BTC settles currently too much sell pressure and panic in the market.

Comment: BTCs next trendline falls at a cross support on the 0.5FIB
which is the perfect retrace for a 3rd wave
Comment: Support here to second longer term support has held and bounced nicely, I would expect a retest to this region in the coming hours
Comment: BTC has bounced here and I would LOVE to see this hold for the psychological reason of 10K mindset and I think should we break this region going back through from the other way could prove more difficult but not impossible, I have marked the next supports here and will fully dissect this in the morning (later morning is 2am here and all my alerts went into meltdown) the parabola is not in threat of breaking in this region so there is no issues for us to move higher long term.

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Well done!, here is my view:
We got dump just in time as predicted to support area mentioned

After my last update about btc hit 13400 i told you guys to not get excited especially after we got 1 hr bearish div supported by 1 day and 2 days bearish div

So in few hrs btc hit max fomo at 13900 and dumped hard to 10400 area as i said in some previous ideas that I am expecting rally pause and retrace for a bout a week range to calm down to area between 11200/11400 to 10400/10600 and it should not get broken with daily close for trend continuation and we hit it EXACTLY faster than anyone expected

So let me share my current view which is i see 10400/10600 is very strong and we should reverse from here as its my main condition to resume rally towards previous ATH forming strong wave 3 since from 7800 area

We got a MASSIVE hidden bullish div on 1 hr chart supporting my view and btc should consolidate for a bout a week in this range forming higher lows till it breakout

Warning if 10k broken expect blood and the end of this bull run

Hope this helps

Original idea:

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@Jocoin, Thanks for sharing :)
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Well Written!
We are currently short took some profits at TP alert which was right at our auto trendline!

I will reassess and possibly ReEnter
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LisaNEdwards TradingSafely
@TradingSafely, nice :)
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That's my humble opinion
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Saw your post on a couple of others and really liked it! We're watching for the possible short as well at the double top.
Just holding and up 46.17% right now and watching to see if we can get a higher low bounce. Thanks for the great TA :)
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