BITCOIN - Banking the Unbanked - Classic TA - Part 6

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OKEx: Banking the Unbanked

If you are reading this, you likely have access to a list of globalizing technologies and services such as a bank account, a smartphone, and higher education. In turn, with such technology and services at your disposal, you have likely achieved things many global citizens dream about. With your bank account and smartphone, think of everything you can do. You probably have the ability to invest, conduct research, and various other actions relevant to securing your future. A sharp reality, though, is that billions of people are without the many luxuries you and I share.

As of today, roughly 2.6 billion people, or 36 percent of the global population, are unbanked; 69 percent of the global population, or 5 million people, do not have access to a smartphone; and 1.2 billion people, or 16 percent of the global population, are without a verified identity. Believe it or not, these people, the ones who lack the many resources we take for granted, have a direct impact on you. Since they are unable to participate in banking and other systems important to stimulating the global economy, the world is unable to reach its full economic potential.

Furthermore, because the unbanked and unidentified are unable to fully achieve financial stability, other entities, typically humanitarian groups and governmental agencies, which are typically backed by tax dollars and donations, must come to their aid. Thus, if we could resolve these issues, we could stimulate the global economy, subsequently driving trillions of dollars into the world and, most importantly, enlighten the lives of billions of people.

Tremendous support to eradicate the addressed inequalities is apparent across democratic nations. Agencies and technologies are constantly developed, adopted, improved, and implemented to better suit the billions of sufferers each day. But one groundbreaking system that may truly improve the world as we know it, a project that may make the unbanked banked as well as generate an identity for each of the 1.2 billion people without one.

We have sought avenues ourselves to combat the prevalent crisis of the unbanked. Recently, we came across an article, How could blockchain support the unbanked?, by Okex, discussing its aim to eliminate the frequency of the unbanked, globally, through a decentralized finance system (DeFi), which includes stablecoins, wallets, lending and more.

The article resonates with us, and is the purpose for which we wish to share it with you all here, on our platform: https://medium.com/okex-blog/okex-defini...

Well keep you updated as this timely issue evolves.

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Trading is risky.

Here s a small explanation about why Im giving insight into my trades. Crypto is all about trust and transparency and that is what ID like to bring. Dont expect me to tell you how much crypto I actually own because thats none of your business. But I Will tell you how big my position will be in regard to my trading portfolio.
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Booking some losses during trading is perfectly normal, so im not afraid to show those losses. Most traders dont give any insight in what they because they perfectly know they suck and dont have a clue what they are doing in regard to risk management.
Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.
Just like every trader, Ive seen ups and downs in my journey. I started trading stocks. And you can guess what that meant for my portfolio. Yes thats right, it was almost completely wiped out.
But I pressed on, learned a lot about technical analysis and here we are. I have experience in trading stocks, options, and commodities .
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Falling Wedge

Bullish divergence tells me to go long. Cycle analysis makes me think that we can go

to $7200 ~ $7100.

The smart thing to do is:

Spot: Start accumulating
Futures: Long with bigger short order at 7400 ~ 7600

A Rectangle is a continuation pattern that forms as a trading range during a pause in the trend. Rectangles are sometimes referred to as trading ranges, consolidation zones or congestion areas. There are many similarities between the rectangle and the symmetrical triangle. As opposed to the symmetrical triangle, rectangles do not exhibit standard volume patterns. As with the symmetrical triangle, rectangles are neutral patterns
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Buy the DIP
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straight to $16K one candle lmao!
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Touch LTA! Keep you eyes here
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Failing wedge

It works.
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Trade active:

Yup, this decline is messy! The previous supports that held over time failed. It's like that they weren't there in the first place. I expect that the lower channel boundary *LTA white (Falling Wedge) workin. $7200 here we come?

In other words? it is was time for a bounce Finally...

If you loved bitcoin at $8600, I'm sure that you will love it here too!

Trading is fun right?

$7400 - 7200 range in working

However, the RSI tells me that it isn't time for a significant recovery. The probability we will test lower levels over time. Ok?

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Your future is today
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Impulsive wave 1

Big move. Big shadow. They sold the fund. REKT for SHORT

Big shadow

There Are Three Primary Kinds of Market Trends

Markets experience primary trends which last a year or more, such as a bull or bear market (Weekly/ Monthly period). Within these broader trends, they experience secondary trends, often working against the primary trend, such as a pullback within a bull market or a rally within a bear market; these secondary trends last from three weeks to three months (Daily period). Finally, there are minor trends lasting less than three weeks which are largely noise (Daily period / Intra-day)

Primary Trends Have Three Phases

A primary trend will pass through three phases, according to the Dow theory. In a bull market, these are the accumulation phase, the public participation (or big move) phase, and the excess phase. In a bear market, they are called the distribution phase, the public participation phase, and the panic (or despair) phase.

The Dow Theory is a technical framework that predicts the market is in an upward trend if one of its averages advances above a previous important high, accompanied or followed by a similar advance in the other average.
The best time to buy is now!

What is the right way? Looking for relevant timeframes, with patience and planning, NO DESPERATION.

While the vast majority of people are terrified about the crash losing important support, we are happy to see our BUY/LONG order hit ... A carefully studied and planned order

If you want to win in this market, you need to be COLD and CALCULIST.

To the moon is too close, go beyond

We go TOGETHER! Together we are STRONGER!

Good luck!

God bless!

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This is very crazy!
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Wave 4 in progress

We're drifting sideways. There was bearish divergence so a move lower was expected.

Supports at:
  • $9060
  • 8665 (GAP CME OPEN)
  • $8550
  • $8250

Reclaiming $9750 is a bullish warning.

GAP CME (TARGET Short-term)
BTC UPDATE > $7500 acted as a support indeed. So far, the structure has been unfolding as a Double Three. We do have an impulse on the up-side and retracement wave is developing now. CAUTION* A Triple Three is still possible, which means that the current spike could still be a false-positive (fake break-out). What I do not believe. An impulsive wave 1 is developing in my opinion. More signs should pop in as the structure unfolds. Remember we can, yes, go lower. They are probabilities. They are at stake. $5500 still possible, but the down-side needs to be confirmed, so far bulls are gaining confidence.
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Tweezer Bottom - Reversal Pattern

Steve Nison, the man largely credited with popularizing candlestick charting in the West, introduced the tweezers bottoming and topping pattern in his book "Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques." Tweezers can take on varying appearances, but all have a couple of traits in common: sometimes appearing at market-turning points, these candlestick patterns can be used for analysis purposes – to simply indicate the possibility of a reversal – or they can be used within a broader context of market analysis to provide trade signals for trend traders.

Indication of Shift in Trend Direction

Tweezers are both a topping and bottoming pattern – patterns that indicate a shift in trend direction – although a broader context is usually needed to confirm the signal since tweezers can occur frequently. A topping pattern occurs when the highs of two candlesticks occur at almost exactly the same level following an advance. A bottoming pattern occurs when the lows of two candlesticks occur at almost exactly the same level following a decline.

Additional criteria are that the first candle has a large real body (the difference between open and close), but the second candle can be pretty much any size; therefore, the two candles may look quite different. For example, in a tweezers top, the first candlestick may be a very strong up candle, closing near the high, while the second candle may be a Doji – a cross-shaped, neutral candlestick pattern – that doesn't close near the high but still has a similar high to the first candle.

The premise behind this being a topping or bottoming pattern is that the first candle shows a strong move in the current direction, while the second candle pauses or even completely reverses the prior days' price action. A short-term shift in momentum has occurred, which traders should be aware of.
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$BTC dumps to 8400 on CME completely absorbed, the circuit breaker was hit, likely some runaway. Someone unfilled his bags. Result - gap closed now we can go up
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Attention! Keep, calm and HOLD!
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Trade active:
The first area of interest is the zone between $8260-$8560.

Reaching $7796 would open the gate for lower prices.
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progress update
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A setup like this makes a lot of sense because it's more in line with my $BTC

another promising setup in $BTC.

The pattern reversal is here. Diamond bottom! Falling wedge! Reversal Pattern! Its very bullish

Well, I hope some of you listened.

  • Near support zones.
  • Promising bull reaction from that support zone.
  • Use that level wisely.
  • I can see some bullish divergence
  • Could be huge reward if correct

The new cycle high in $BTC happening faster then expected

Here go!

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Looking like a falling wedge. A bearish channel? Downtrend works very well as resistance.

Is wave **b** has unfolded as a triangle or an ending diagonal is underway for wave **c** (Y). At least while the upper boundary of the impulse channel acts as resistance.

we are going lower Fib **0.786%**
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Here we go!
Trade closed: stop reached
Trade closed manually

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