XLM UPDATE - Alternative Scenario - Still Looking For A New Low

In this video I detail a what I believe is a Type-1 Weak Wave C.

I had to go back and look at Waves 1 and 2 properly in order to make this change in the view.

This is not an easy pattern to identify but I will lay it out as best as I can.

I do not expect XLM to go much lower but we need to see confirmation in the form of a bounce around this area.

I have marked out the areas of importance to confirm the reversal.

I hope this helps!

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Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial advisor, I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

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some of your followers may have made a very bad deal...
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Would you listen to me for once. It’s far worse. It’s still wave 3. Wave 1 was our crash.Where heading into the shitter. If $.259 doesn’t hold we are heading to $.18 -$20. With 4 and 5 to go. It’s beyond bearish If this low breaks.
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@mfibbs he will just do a recount.
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40Double PeterGXY
@PeterGXY, Of course. How else is he going to sell his course?
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@40Double with promotions 😂
Worthless waves..

i buy when indicators show bottom.
thats how i bought brand new tesla.

No need to think what it will be in next week or month, just look indicators now, and buy when its bottom (its very clear and easy to see when to buy)
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mfibbs FlowersFor
@FlowersFor, That’s why I only bought 10000 at $.27, Another 40000 at $.244 as per my analysis and will dump it all in profit on wave 4 only to buy the low as per my analysis.
mfibbs FlowersFor
@FlowersFor, I buy swings! Why not make $ on the way down? Waves are important.
Hansdolo83 FlowersFor
@FlowersFor, u think we will see .12? im still waiting to pull the trigger...
FlowersFor Hansdolo83

Have to look day to day, find bullishDivergence+comfirmation and entry.

0.13$ can hapend, but look indicators, if it look weak dont entry, bullish, then in.