XLM QUICK UPDATE - Looks Like We May Have Completed Wave ii...

Here is a quick update on what we can expect in the short term for XLM as we head towards the buying area of .27cents or lower.

Not much has changed apart from the waves which have made it clearer that this is a Wave ii and not the alternative scenario.

Please see related ideas linked below.

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If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial advisor, I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

Each video idea I post builds on the previous idea as I use AriasWave to try and navigate the waves in Crypto Markets. [/b
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Now u will see why Arias doesn’t work and Elliot does. Arias gets u caught in the moment and you fail to see simple structures. You think we are in a wave 5? You knock Elliot, but your using it to cultivate your own theory. You love the waves, however you have no idea what wave we’re in. Somehow you will find a way to manipulate people into thinking it was all your theory. Your magenta will break once again to the upside and you will make people wait longer for your $.27. You will miss this move and I say this now with some balls while Xlm is drowning above $.31. If I’m wrong, props to you. I can handle it. We are all still waiting though as to how you sweared XLM was going to $50 or $55 or $160 and then made excuses by calling everyone who knows what there doing trolls! Will you ever explain your ridiculous logic on that one or was it. Joke? It had to be a joke right?
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Welp, we broke your line. I have been riding with you on this one. Hoping to see the .27 mark to reload. Appreciate these daily updates!
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Thank you for the update.

Nothing new:
At the moment everything depends on BTC in the short term.

BTC over 40,000 and then further towards 50,000 > XLM under 0.27 almost impossible.

BTC heading south (30,000) > Of course, XLM rates below 0.27 are possible.
Already broken! 0.27 coming!!! Thanks for the update. Prepared to fill the bags
I was just wondering, what indicates the sharpness of the wave ii down? Is there a past wave in the chart that correlates with this coming and ongoing move? Thanks 👍
Thanks for the update and looking forward to that livestream!