XLM + BITCOIN UPDATE - Looks Like Wave C Has Completed For Both

In this follow up video I explain the aftermath of what happened last night with XLM and Bitcoin .

In this inflationary environment even corrections can look impulsive but the dips can be deep percentage wise.

Let's not forget the bigger picture, we are in a bull market correction that is expanding to the upside due to these reasons.

This is just the beginning, even after we recover and make a Wave D up there is a bigger shock on the horizon.

I will be touching more on this subject once we get confirmation by breaking key levels indicated.

In that specific update I will explain how the coming moves in the US Dollar will impact all Cryptos.

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If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial advisor, I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

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I don’t believe we are done. Volume deceasing as price rises. Looks like a corrective wave 4 right to the .386 fib level. But hey, I could be wrong.
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Thank you!

BTC is rising > XLM is rising

So the correlation is back in your eyes
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AriasWave highkatmai
@highkatmai, Yes, thank you.
Self proclaimed Arias Wave is the new kangaroo wave.
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Great update. So you believe btc will go up shortly? I am expecting this to go down with the shorts. The waves are telling you this? Thanks Mike
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AriasWave alejari
@alejari, That's right. I believe Wave C is complete based on the wave count and subsequent bounce. Aside from the levels mentioned in the video, a daily close above the close of the previous candle should confirm this.
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FlowersFor alejari
@alejari, it goes down... AriasWave dont know a shit
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VajraV FlowersFor
@FlowersFor, Geez can you work on your English skills please....
Big boy told they buy 0.13-0.14

Do u videos cryBaby, stop commenting those who dont like u videos or u style.
wicked the weekly support at .2, its either going to bounce here or accumulate here. High chance this is the end of this correction. Musk is back in accepting bitcoin as payment. Massive corporations pooling billions in crypto like mastercard, microsoft, Walmart Visa Tesla and many more. ill see everyone at the moon