Bonds of the Mother Continent

"It's really beautiful. It feels like God visits everywhere else but lives in Africa". No, that isn't a proverb, just something Will Smith once said. But he's right, it is a beautiful continent. Sadly however – when it comes to bond trading – there is a perception that many African nations suffer from economic instability and higher political risks, compared to Europe, for example. To appeal to investors then, these governments often offer high-yield bonds as a way to stimulate an influx of capital. So, if this is something you're interested in, we've listed below a complete table of African bonds. Explore wisely and never forget to do your own research before investing.

Yield %
Maturity date
Time to maturity
Change % 1D
Change 1D
ZA03MYSouth Africa 3 Month Government Bonds Yield8.250%2023-06-30908.250 ZAR0.00%0.000 ZAR
ZA05YSouth Africa 5 Year Government Bonds Yield10.50%8.435%2026-12-211360106.447 ZAR−0.06%−0.005 ZAR
ZA10YSouth Africa 10 Year Government Bonds Yield8.00%9.830%2030-01-31249791.046 ZAR−0.71%−0.070 ZAR
ZA12YSouth Africa 12 Year Government Bonds Yield8.25%10.475%2032-03-31328787.242 ZAR−0.95%−0.100 ZAR
ZA20YSouth Africa 20 Year Government Bonds Yield9.00%11.545%2040-01-31614981.276 ZAR−0.30%−0.035 ZAR
ZA25YSouth Africa 25 Year Government Bonds Yield8.75%11.655%2044-01-31761077.416 ZAR−0.21%−0.025 ZAR
ZA30YSouth Africa 30 Year Government Bonds Yield8.75%11.625%2048-02-28909976.726 ZAR−0.30%−0.035 ZAR