US government bonds

Bonds are considered safe investments that could bring gains, especially in stable economies. We've prepared a list of debt securities of the USA, one of the world's leading economies. From long-term treasury bonds to short-term T-bills: compare their yields and prices to find the ones that suit your strategy.

Yield %
Maturity date
Time to maturity
Change % 1D
Change 1D
US01MYUnited States 1 Month Government Bonds Yield5.393%2023-10-24315.280 USD0.19%0.010 USD
US02MYUnited States 2 Month Government Bonds Yield5.446%2023-11-21595.310 USD0.33%0.018 USD
US03MYUnited States 3 Month Government Bonds Yield5.487%2023-12-21895.330 USD−0.04%−0.002 USD
US04MYUnited States 4 Month Government Bonds Yield5.521%2024-01-231225.335 USD−0.05%−0.003 USD
US06MYUnited States 6 Month Government Bonds Yield5.541%2024-03-211805.305 USD0.04%0.002 USD
US01YUnited States 1 Year Government Bonds Yield5.464%2024-09-053485.175 USD0.07%0.004 USD
US02YUnited States 2 Year Government Bonds Yield5.00%5.114%2025-08-3170899.797 USD−0.66%−0.034 USD
US03YUnited States 3 Year Government Bonds Yield4.63%4.804%2026-09-15108899.516 USD−1.17%−0.057 USD
US05YUnited States 5 Year Government Bonds Yield4.38%4.560%2028-08-31180499.188 USD−1.36%−0.063 USD
US07YUnited States 7 Year Government Bonds Yield4.13%4.525%2030-08-31253497.641 USD−1.31%−0.060 USD
US10YUnited States 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.88%4.436%2033-08-15361495.547 USD−1.33%−0.060 USD
US20YUnited States 20 Year Government Bonds Yield4.38%4.712%2043-08-15726695.672 USD−1.28%−0.061 USD
US30YUnited States 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.13%4.528%2053-08-151091993.438 USD−1.05%−0.048 USD