Bonds of the EU

The EU bond market has low default-risk and high liquidity, but with 27 states, its economies vary in strength. That's why we've equipped our list of EU bonds with important stats to help you make an informed decision.
Yield %
Maturity date
Term to maturity
Change %
DDE01MYGermany 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.495%2024-08-2135 days99.681 EUR−0.06%−0.002 EUR
DDE03MYGermany 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.455%2024-10-1691 days99.153 EUR−0.09%−0.003 EUR
DDE06MYGermany 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.383%2025-01-15182 days98.337 EUR+0.09%0.003 EUR
DDE09MYGermany 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.264%2025-04-16273 days97.602 EUR−0.03%−0.001 EUR
DDE01YGermany 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.165%2025-07-16364 days96.916 EUR−2.04%−0.066 EUR
DDE02YGermany 2 Year Government Bonds Yield2.90%2.780%2026-06-181 year 336 days100.208 EUR+0.83%0.023 EUR
DDE03YGermany 3 Year Government Bonds Yield0.25%2.558%2027-02-152 years 213 days94.315 EUR+0.12%0.003 EUR
DDE04YGermany 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.426%2028-02-153 years 213 days93.477 EUR+0.46%0.011 EUR
DDE05YGermany 5 Year Government Bonds Yield2.10%2.411%2029-04-124 years 269 days98.612 EUR+0.54%0.013 EUR
DDE06YGermany 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.338%2030-02-155 years 213 days87.906 EUR+0.34%0.008 EUR
DDE07YGermany 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.313%2031-02-156 years 213 days86.041 EUR+0.57%0.013 EUR
DDE08YGermany 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.322%2032-02-157 years 213 days84.040 EUR+0.30%0.007 EUR
DDE09YGermany 9 Year Government Bonds Yield2.30%2.361%2033-02-158 years 213 days99.527 EUR−0.08%−0.002 EUR
DDE10YGermany 10 Year Government Bonds Yield2.60%2.427%2034-08-1510 years 29 days101.521 EUR+0.29%0.007 EUR
DDE15YGermany 15 Year Government Bonds Yield1.00%2.582%2038-05-1513 years 302 days81.800 EUR+0.12%0.003 EUR
DDE20YGermany 20 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.634%2044-07-0419 years 353 days97.934 EUR−0.03%−0.001 EUR
DDE25YGermany 25 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.628%2046-08-1522 years 29 days97.871 EUR−0.11%−0.003 EUR
DDE30YGermany 30 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.605%2054-08-1530 years 29 days97.786 EUR−0.31%−0.008 EUR
FFR01MYFrance 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.739%2024-08-2135 days99.658 EUR+0.03%0.001 EUR
FFR03MYFrance 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.652%2024-10-0984 days99.175 EUR−0.19%−0.007 EUR
FFR06MYFrance 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.539%2025-01-15182 days98.261 EUR0.00%0.000 EUR
FFR09MYFrance 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.429%2025-04-24281 days97.411 EUR+0.70%0.024 EUR
FFR01YFrance 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.377%2025-06-18336 days96.962 EUR+0.48%0.016 EUR
FFR02YFrance 2 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.948%2026-05-251 year 312 days95.655 EUR+0.40%0.012 EUR
FFR03YFrance 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.866%2027-09-243 years 69 days98.896 EUR+0.74%0.021 EUR
FFR04YFrance 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%2.823%2028-05-253 years 313 days92.537 EUR+0.51%0.014 EUR
FFR05YFrance 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.838%2029-05-254 years 312 days89.546 EUR+0.60%0.017 EUR
FFR06YFrance 6 Year Government Bonds Yield2.75%2.871%2030-02-255 years 223 days99.374 EUR+0.64%0.018 EUR
FFR07YFrance 7 Year Government Bonds Yield1.50%2.861%2031-05-256 years 312 days91.639 EUR+0.36%0.010 EUR
FFR08YFrance 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.917%2032-05-257 years 313 days79.794 EUR+0.07%0.002 EUR
FFR09YFrance 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%2.983%2033-05-258 years 312 days100.125 EUR−0.07%−0.002 EUR
FFR10YFrance 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%3.079%2034-11-2510 years 131 days99.298 EUR−0.13%−0.004 EUR
FFR15YFrance 15 Year Government Bonds Yield1.75%3.262%2039-06-2514 years 343 days82.343 EUR+0.03%0.001 EUR
FFR20YFrance 20 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.368%2044-06-2519 years 344 days58.842 EUR0.00%0.000 EUR
FFR25YFrance 25 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%3.442%2049-06-2524 years 343 days92.685 EUR−0.12%−0.004 EUR
FFR30YFrance 30 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%3.556%2055-05-2530 years 312 days94.318 EUR−0.20%−0.007 EUR
FFR50YFrance 50 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.959%2072-05-2547 years 313 days37.483 EUR−0.13%−0.004 EUR
EES01MYSpain 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.587%2024-08-0923 days99.791 EUR−0.50%−0.018 EUR
EES03MYSpain 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.475%2024-10-0479 days99.262 EUR+0.67%0.023 EUR
EES06MYSpain 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.435%2025-01-10177 days98.357 EUR+0.29%0.010 EUR
EES09MYSpain 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.377%2025-04-11268 days97.576 EUR+0.87%0.029 EUR
EES01YSpain 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.303%2025-07-04352 days96.890 EUR+0.58%0.019 EUR
EES02YSpain 2 Year Government Bonds Yield2.80%2.996%2026-05-311 year 318 days99.633 EUR+0.57%0.017 EUR
EES03YSpain 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.906%2027-05-312 years 318 days98.891 EUR+0.83%0.024 EUR
EES04YSpain 4 Year Government Bonds Yield1.40%2.816%2028-04-303 years 288 days94.971 EUR−0.39%−0.011 EUR
EES05YSpain 5 Year Government Bonds Yield3.50%2.843%2029-05-314 years 318 days102.938 EUR+0.49%0.014 EUR
EES06YSpain 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.848%2030-04-305 years 287 days87.647 EUR−0.66%−0.019 EUR
EES07YSpain 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.10%2.916%2031-04-306 years 287 days82.899 EUR−0.17%−0.005 EUR
EES08YSpain 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.70%2.977%2032-04-307 years 288 days84.386 EUR−0.50%−0.015 EUR
EES09YSpain 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.15%3.058%2033-04-308 years 287 days100.677 EUR+0.23%0.007 EUR
EES10YSpain 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.45%3.193%2034-10-3110 years 106 days102.226 EUR+0.19%0.006 EUR
EES15YSpain 15 Year Government Bonds Yield3.90%3.492%2039-07-3015 years 13 days104.696 EUR+0.06%0.002 EUR
EES20YSpain 20 Year Government Bonds Yield3.45%3.636%2043-07-3019 years 13 days97.465 EUR−0.05%−0.002 EUR
EES25YSpain 25 Year Government Bonds Yield2.70%3.667%2048-10-3124 years 106 days84.604 EUR−0.62%−0.023 EUR
EES30YSpain 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%3.818%2054-10-3130 years 106 days103.223 EUR+0.13%0.005 EUR
IIT01MYItaly 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.592%2024-08-1428 days99.741 EUR−0.47%−0.017 EUR
IIT03MYItaly 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.484%2024-10-1489 days99.176 EUR+0.61%0.021 EUR
IIT06MYItaly 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.457%2025-01-14181 days98.324 EUR+0.52%0.018 EUR
IIT09MYItaly 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.392%2025-04-14271 days97.538 EUR+0.65%0.022 EUR
IIT01YItaly 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.372%2025-07-14362 days96.738 EUR+0.24%0.008 EUR
IIT02YItaly 2 Year Government Bonds Yield3.85%3.120%2026-09-152 years 60 days101.559 EUR+0.29%0.009 EUR
IIT03YItaly 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.20%3.054%2027-06-012 years 319 days97.731 EUR−0.29%−0.009 EUR
IIT04YItaly 4 Year Government Bonds Yield3.40%3.117%2028-04-013 years 259 days101.047 EUR−0.35%−0.011 EUR
IIT05YItaly 5 Year Government Bonds Yield4.10%3.187%2029-02-014 years 199 days103.932 EUR+0.03%0.001 EUR
IIT06YItaly 6 Year Government Bonds Yield3.70%3.338%2030-06-155 years 333 days102.058 EUR−0.60%−0.020 EUR
IIT07YItaly 7 Year Government Bonds Yield6.00%3.342%2031-05-016 years 288 days116.181 EUR−0.38%−0.013 EUR
IIT08YItaly 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.95%3.460%2032-06-017 years 320 days83.021 EUR−0.26%−0.009 EUR
IIT09YItaly 9 Year Government Bonds Yield4.40%3.564%2033-05-018 years 288 days106.485 EUR+0.11%0.004 EUR
IIT10YItaly 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.85%3.705%2034-07-019 years 349 days101.463 EUR+0.19%0.007 EUR
IIT15YItaly 15 Year Government Bonds Yield5.00%4.065%2039-08-0115 years 15 days110.925 EUR−0.03%−0.001 EUR
IIT20YItaly 20 Year Government Bonds Yield4.45%4.192%2043-09-0119 years 46 days103.939 EUR−0.26%−0.011 EUR
IIT25YItaly 25 Year Government Bonds Yield3.85%4.218%2049-09-0125 years 46 days94.980 EUR−0.38%−0.016 EUR
IIT30YItaly 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%4.310%2053-10-0129 years 76 days103.903 EUR−0.16%−0.007 EUR
IIT50YItaly 50 Year Government Bonds Yield2.15%3.966%2072-03-0147 years 228 days61.848 EUR+0.08%0.003 EUR
AAT03MYAustria 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.582%2024-10-31106 days98.988 EUR−0.47%−0.017 EUR
AAT06MYAustria 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.465%2025-01-30197 days98.172 EUR−0.46%−0.016 EUR
AAT01YAustria 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.392%2025-04-20277 days97.508 EUR−0.70%−0.024 EUR
AAT02YAustria 2 Year Government Bonds Yield4.85%3.005%2026-03-151 year 241 days102.920 EUR+0.35%0.010 EUR
AAT03YAustria 3 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.781%2027-04-202 years 277 days94.031 EUR+1.46%0.040 EUR
AAT04YAustria 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%2.750%2028-02-203 years 218 days93.247 EUR+0.15%0.004 EUR
AAT05YAustria 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.762%2029-02-204 years 218 days90.320 EUR0.00%0.000 EUR
AAT06YAustria 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.784%2030-02-205 years 218 days85.769 EUR+0.58%0.016 EUR
AAT07YAustria 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.843%2031-02-206 years 218 days83.134 EUR+2.23%0.062 EUR
AAT08YAustria 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.90%2.823%2032-02-207 years 218 days87.020 EUR+0.32%0.009 EUR
AAT09YAustria 9 Year Government Bonds Yield2.90%2.879%2033-02-208 years 218 days100.146 EUR+0.17%0.005 EUR
AAT10YAustria 10 Year Government Bonds Yield2.90%2.917%2034-02-209 years 218 days99.808 EUR−0.27%−0.008 EUR
AAT15YAustria 15 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.141%2040-10-2016 years 95 days60.374 EUR+0.06%0.002 EUR
AAT20YAustria 20 Year Government Bonds Yield3.15%3.182%2044-06-2019 years 339 days99.525 EUR+0.04%0.001 EUR
AAT25YAustria 25 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%3.114%2051-03-2026 years 246 days57.736 EUR+0.39%0.012 EUR
AAT30YAustria 30 Year Government Bonds Yield3.15%3.183%2053-10-2029 years 95 days99.371 EUR−0.03%−0.001 EUR
AAT40YAustria 40 Year Government Bonds Yield3.80%3.153%2062-01-2637 years 193 days113.873 EUR−1.23%−0.039 EUR
AAT50YAustria 50 Year Government Bonds Yield0.70%2.847%2071-04-2046 years 277 days44.882 EUR−0.38%−0.011 EUR
AAT95YAustria 95 Year Government Bonds Yield0.85%2.234%2120-06-3095 years 349 days45.487 EUR+0.22%0.005 EUR
BBE03MYBelgium 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.559%2024-11-07113 days98.915 EUR−0.14%−0.005 EUR
BBE09MYBelgium 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.422%2025-03-13239 days97.797 EUR+0.56%0.019 EUR
BBE02YBelgium 2 Year Government Bonds Yield1.00%2.887%2026-06-221 year 340 days96.513 EUR+0.54%0.015 EUR
BBE03YBelgium 3 Year Government Bonds Yield0.80%2.762%2027-06-222 years 340 days94.556 EUR+0.45%0.012 EUR
BBE04YBelgium 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.80%2.710%2028-06-223 years 341 days93.001 EUR+0.78%0.021 EUR
BBE05YBelgium 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.90%2.716%2029-06-224 years 340 days91.731 EUR+0.44%0.012 EUR
BBE06YBelgium 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.10%2.756%2030-06-225 years 340 days85.660 EUR+0.40%0.011 EUR