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The interconnected European market features diverse bonds with varying yields and fluctuating bond prices that signal confidence levels. To simplify your research, we've compiled a full list of European bonds.
Yield %
Maturity date
Term to maturity
Change %
GB01MYUnited Kingdom 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%5.288%2024-07-0821 days99.596 GBP+0.15%0.008 GBP
GB03MYUnited Kingdom 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%5.283%2024-09-0984 days98.700 GBP+0.38%0.020 GBP
GB06MYUnited Kingdom 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%5.203%2024-12-09175 days97.471 GBP−0.76%−0.040 GBP
GB01YUnited Kingdom 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.63%4.681%2025-06-07355 days96.197 GBP−0.15%−0.007 GBP
GB02YUnited Kingdom 2 Year Government Bonds Yield0.13%4.197%2026-01-301 year 227 days93.704 GBP−0.07%−0.003 GBP
GB03YUnited Kingdom 3 Year Government Bonds Yield1.25%4.090%2027-07-223 years 35 days91.825 GBP+0.05%0.002 GBP
GB04YUnited Kingdom 4 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%4.146%2028-06-073 years 356 days101.283 GBP+0.12%0.005 GBP
GB05YUnited Kingdom 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.990%2029-01-314 years 228 days85.412 GBP+0.15%0.006 GBP
GB06YUnited Kingdom 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.38%3.944%2030-10-226 years 127 days80.141 GBP+0.08%0.003 GBP
GB07YUnited Kingdom 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.25%3.958%2031-07-317 years 44 days77.194 GBP−1.22%−0.049 GBP
GB08YUnited Kingdom 8 Year Government Bonds Yield4.25%3.978%2032-06-077 years 356 days101.841 GBP+0.15%0.006 GBP
GB09YUnited Kingdom 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%4.054%2033-01-318 years 228 days94.200 GBP+0.15%0.006 GBP
GB10YUnited Kingdom 10 Year Government Bonds Yield4.63%4.112%2034-01-319 years 228 days104.040 GBP+0.12%0.005 GBP
GB12YUnited Kingdom 12 Year Government Bonds Yield4.25%4.197%2036-03-0711 years 264 days100.478 GBP+1.25%0.052 GBP
GB15YUnited Kingdom 15 Year Government Bonds Yield1.13%4.370%2039-01-3114 years 228 days65.212 GBP+0.09%0.004 GBP
GB20YUnited Kingdom 20 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%4.539%2044-01-2219 years 219 days83.385 GBP+0.11%0.005 GBP
GB25YUnited Kingdom 25 Year Government Bonds Yield1.75%4.558%2049-01-2224 years 219 days58.723 GBP+0.09%0.004 GBP
GB30YUnited Kingdom 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.38%4.597%2054-07-3130 years 44 days96.399 GBP+0.04%0.002 GBP
GB40YUnited Kingdom 40 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%4.528%2063-10-2239 years 127 days90.330 GBP+0.09%0.004 GBP
GB50YUnited Kingdom 50 Year Government Bonds Yield1.13%4.163%2073-10-2249 years 127 days36.574 GBP+0.10%0.004 GBP
DE01MYGermany 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.610%2024-06-192 days99.990 EUR+2.82%0.099 EUR
DE03MYGermany 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.506%2024-08-2165 days99.390 EUR−1.49%−0.053 EUR
DE06MYGermany 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.405%2024-11-20156 days98.564 EUR−0.96%−0.033 EUR
DE09MYGermany 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.292%2025-02-19247 days97.809 EUR−1.67%−0.056 EUR
DE01YGermany 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.224%2025-05-14331 days97.138 EUR−1.89%−0.062 EUR
DE02YGermany 2 Year Government Bonds Yield2.90%2.814%2026-06-182 years 1 day100.153 EUR+1.81%0.050 EUR
DE03YGermany 3 Year Government Bonds Yield0.25%2.591%2027-02-152 years 243 days94.060 EUR−0.19%−0.005 EUR
DE04YGermany 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.469%2028-02-153 years 243 days93.196 EUR+0.08%0.002 EUR
DE05YGermany 5 Year Government Bonds Yield2.10%2.422%2029-04-124 years 299 days98.542 EUR+1.98%0.047 EUR
DE06YGermany 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.348%2030-02-155 years 243 days87.694 EUR+1.60%0.037 EUR
DE07YGermany 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.330%2031-02-156 years 243 days85.784 EUR+1.84%0.042 EUR
DE08YGermany 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.336%2032-02-157 years 243 days83.789 EUR+1.61%0.037 EUR
DE09YGermany 9 Year Government Bonds Yield2.30%2.371%2033-02-158 years 243 days99.441 EUR+1.72%0.040 EUR
DE10YGermany 10 Year Government Bonds Yield2.20%2.412%2034-02-159 years 243 days98.184 EUR+2.38%0.056 EUR
DE15YGermany 15 Year Government Bonds Yield2.60%2.608%2041-05-1516 years 332 days99.880 EUR+1.95%0.050 EUR
DE20YGermany 20 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.606%2044-07-0420 years 17 days98.363 EUR+1.78%0.046 EUR
DE25YGermany 25 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.594%2046-08-1522 years 59 days98.435 EUR+1.80%0.046 EUR
DE30YGermany 30 Year Government Bonds Yield1.80%2.566%2053-08-1529 years 59 days84.416 EUR+1.91%0.048 EUR
FR01MYFrance 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.643%2024-07-2437 days99.647 EUR−0.22%−0.008 EUR
FR03MYFrance 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.735%2024-09-1186 days99.136 EUR+1.77%0.065 EUR
FR06MYFrance 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.647%2024-12-11177 days98.258 EUR+1.00%0.036 EUR
FR09MYFrance 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.503%2025-03-26282 days97.347 EUR+0.95%0.033 EUR
FR01YFrance 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.460%2025-05-21338 days96.871 EUR+0.29%0.010 EUR
FR02YFrance 2 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.114%2026-05-251 year 342 days95.172 EUR+1.34%0.041 EUR
FR03YFrance 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%3.007%2027-09-243 years 99 days98.439 EUR+0.77%0.023 EUR
FR04YFrance 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%2.975%2028-05-253 years 343 days91.857 EUR+0.76%0.022 EUR
FR05YFrance 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.942%2029-05-254 years 342 days88.940 EUR+0.16%0.005 EUR
FR06YFrance 6 Year Government Bonds Yield2.75%2.982%2030-02-255 years 253 days98.794 EUR+0.64%0.019 EUR
FR07YFrance 7 Year Government Bonds Yield1.50%2.993%2031-05-256 years 342 days90.776 EUR+0.29%0.009 EUR
FR08YFrance 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.042%2032-05-257 years 343 days78.846 EUR+0.60%0.018 EUR
FR09YFrance 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%3.112%2033-05-258 years 342 days99.132 EUR+0.06%0.002 EUR
FR10YFrance 10 Year Government Bonds Yield1.25%3.164%2034-05-259 years 342 days83.900 EUR+0.02%0.001 EUR
FR15YFrance 15 Year Government Bonds Yield1.75%3.365%2039-06-2515 years 8 days81.201 EUR+0.09%0.003 EUR
FR20YFrance 20 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.455%2044-06-2520 years 8 days57.803 EUR+0.14%0.005 EUR
FR25YFrance 25 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%3.509%2049-06-2525 years 8 days91.617 EUR+0.49%0.017 EUR
FR30YFrance 30 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%3.606%2055-05-2530 years 342 days93.415 EUR+0.22%0.008 EUR
FR50YFrance 50 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.032%2072-05-2547 years 343 days36.443 EUR+0.50%0.015 EUR
ES01MYSpain 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.543%2024-07-0518 days99.842 EUR+0.31%0.011 EUR
ES03MYSpain 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.481%2024-09-0681 days99.241 EUR+0.96%0.033 EUR
ES06MYSpain 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.661%2024-12-06172 days98.300 EUR+7.71%0.262 EUR
ES09MYSpain 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.465%2025-03-07263 days97.560 EUR+0.55%0.019 EUR
ES01YSpain 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.393%2025-06-06354 days96.790 EUR+0.27%0.009 EUR
ES02YSpain 2 Year Government Bonds Yield2.80%3.161%2026-05-311 year 348 days99.314 EUR+0.54%0.017 EUR
ES03YSpain 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%3.064%2027-05-312 years 348 days98.428 EUR+0.39%0.012 EUR
ES04YSpain 4 Year Government Bonds Yield1.40%2.984%2028-04-303 years 318 days94.284 EUR+1.32%0.039 EUR
ES05YSpain 5 Year Government Bonds Yield3.50%3.012%2029-05-314 years 348 days102.206 EUR+0.74%0.022 EUR
ES06YSpain 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.015%2030-04-305 years 317 days86.665 EUR+1.21%0.036 EUR
ES07YSpain 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.10%3.067%2031-04-306 years 317 days81.887 EUR+0.82%0.025 EUR
ES08YSpain 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.70%3.148%2032-04-307 years 318 days83.180 EUR+0.90%0.028 EUR
ES09YSpain 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.15%3.222%2033-04-308 years 317 days99.426 EUR+0.25%0.008 EUR
ES10YSpain 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.45%3.353%2034-10-3110 years 136 days100.850 EUR+0.06%0.002 EUR
ES15YSpain 15 Year Government Bonds Yield3.90%3.635%2039-07-3015 years 43 days103.018 EUR+0.08%0.003 EUR
ES20YSpain 20 Year Government Bonds Yield3.45%3.767%2043-07-3019 years 43 days95.726 EUR+0.03%0.001 EUR
ES25YSpain 25 Year Government Bonds Yield2.70%3.797%2048-10-3124 years 136 days82.733 EUR+0.58%0.022 EUR
ES30YSpain 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%3.924%2054-10-3130 years 136 days101.333 EUR+0.10%0.004 EUR
IT01MYItaly 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.498%2024-07-1225 days99.781 EUR0.00%0.000 EUR
IT03MYItaly 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.454%2024-09-1388 days99.192 EUR+0.06%0.002 EUR
IT06MYItaly 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.502%2024-12-13179 days98.307 EUR0.00%0.000 EUR
IT09MYItaly 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.570%2025-03-14270 days97.411 EUR+0.62%0.022 EUR
IT01YItaly 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.560%2025-06-13361 days96.572 EUR+0.82%0.029 EUR
IT02YItaly 2 Year Government Bonds Yield3.60%3.572%2025-09-291 year 104 days100.069 EUR−1.43%−0.052 EUR
IT03YItaly 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.20%3.377%2027-06-012 years 349 days96.797 EUR−0.24%−0.008 EUR
IT04YItaly 4 Year Government Bonds Yield3.40%3.428%2028-04-013 years 289 days99.985 EUR+0.56%0.019 EUR
IT05YItaly 5 Year Government Bonds Yield4.10%3.455%2029-02-014 years 229 days102.855 EUR−0.40%−0.014 EUR
IT06YItaly 6 Year Government Bonds Yield3.70%3.582%2030-06-155 years 363 days100.782 EUR−0.33%−0.012 EUR
IT07YItaly 7 Year Government Bonds Yield6.00%3.595%2031-05-016 years 318 days114.713 EUR−0.39%−0.014 EUR
IT08YItaly 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.95%3.709%2032-06-017 years 350 days81.359 EUR−0.22%−0.008 EUR
IT09YItaly 9 Year Government Bonds Yield4.40%3.814%2033-05-018 years 318 days104.633 EUR+0.08%0.003 EUR
IT10YItaly 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.85%3.941%2034-07-0110 years 14 days99.550 EUR+0.15%0.006 EUR
IT15YItaly 15 Year Government Bonds Yield5.00%4.237%2039-08-0115 years 45 days108.965 EUR−0.38%−0.016 EUR
IT20YItaly 20 Year Government Bonds Yield4.45%4.363%2043-09-0119 years 76 days101.719 EUR−0.64%−0.028 EUR
IT25YItaly 25 Year Government Bonds Yield3.85%4.365%2049-09-0125 years 76 days92.837 EUR−0.14%−0.006 EUR
IT30YItaly 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%4.446%2053-10-0129 years 106 days101.660 EUR−0.80%−0.036 EUR
IT50YItaly 50 Year Government Bonds Yield2.15%4.084%2072-03-0147 years 258 days60.110 EUR+0.67%0.027 EUR
AT03MYAustria 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.727%2024-08-2973 days99.281 EUR−0.40%−0.015 EUR
AT06MYAustria 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.699%2024-10-31136 days98.657 EUR0.00%0.000 EUR
AT01YAustria 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.465%2025-04-20307 days97.186 EUR+2.55%0.086 EUR
AT02YAustria 2 Year Government Bonds Yield4.85%3.188%2026-03-151 year 271 days102.751 EUR−0.23%−0.007 EUR
AT03YAustria 3 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.968%2027-04-202 years 307 days93.380 EUR+0.24%0.007 EUR
AT04YAustria 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%2.882%2028-02-203 years 248 days92.669 EUR+2.13%0.060 EUR