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Bonds of the Western Hemisphere

The Americas offer a diversified bond market, from North America to South America. Still, diligence is advised due to potential yield fluctuations from various economic factors, so study stats of the bonds below carefully.
Yield %
Maturity date
Time to maturity
Change %
US01MYUnited States 1 Month Government Bonds Yield5.398%2024-03-26315.285 USD+0.06%0.003 USD
US02MYUnited States 2 Month Government Bonds Yield5.410%2024-04-23595.275 USD0.00%0.000 USD
US03MYUnited States 3 Month Government Bonds Yield5.414%2024-05-23895.260 USD+0.06%0.003 USD
US04MYUnited States 4 Month Government Bonds Yield5.408%2024-06-251225.225 USD+0.15%0.008 USD
US06MYUnited States 6 Month Government Bonds Yield5.351%2024-08-221805.130 USD−0.09%−0.005 USD
US01YUnited States 1 Year Government Bonds Yield5.006%2025-02-203624.750 USD−0.36%−0.018 USD
US02YUnited States 2 Year Government Bonds Yield4.25%4.694%2026-01-3170799.188 USD−0.51%−0.024 USD
US03YUnited States 3 Year Government Bonds Yield4.13%4.457%2027-02-15108799.078 USD−0.67%−0.030 USD
US05YUnited States 5 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%4.283%2029-01-31180398.750 USD−1.20%−0.052 USD
US07YUnited States 7 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%4.285%2031-01-31253398.297 USD−1.56%−0.068 USD
US10YUnited States 10 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%4.252%2034-02-15364497.969 USD−1.73%−0.075 USD
US20YUnited States 20 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%4.514%2044-02-15729699.813 USD−1.44%−0.066 USD
US30YUnited States 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.25%4.371%2054-02-151094997.984 USD−1.95%−0.087 USD
CA01MYCanada 1 Month Government Bonds Yield4.970%2024-03-141999.729 CAD+0.20%0.010 CAD
CA02MYCanada 2 Month Government Bonds Yield4.980%2024-04-114799.351 CAD0.00%0.000 CAD
CA03MYCanada 3 Month Government Bonds Yield4.990%2024-05-238998.787 CAD0.00%0.000 CAD
CA06MYCanada 6 Month Government Bonds Yield4.990%2024-08-0115997.865 CAD−0.20%−0.010 CAD
CA01YCanada 1 Year Government Bonds Yield4.800%2025-01-3034195.707 CAD−0.21%−0.010 CAD
CA02YCanada 2 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%4.177%2026-02-01708100.590 CAD−1.35%−0.057 CAD
CA03YCanada 3 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%4.080%2026-04-0176797.852 CAD−1.38%−0.057 CAD
CA04YCanada 4 Year Government Bonds Yield1.00%3.931%2026-09-0192093.064 CAD−1.43%−0.057 CAD
CA05YCanada 5 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%3.551%2029-03-011832102.038 CAD−2.10%−0.076 CAD
CA07YCanada 7 Year Government Bonds Yield5.75%3.498%2029-06-011924110.726 CAD−2.32%−0.083 CAD
CA10YCanada 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%3.463%2033-12-01356898.244 CAD−2.20%−0.078 CAD
CA20YCanada 20 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%3.433%2041-06-016307107.332 CAD−2.39%−0.084 CAD
CA30YCanada 30 Year Government Bonds Yield1.75%3.321%2053-12-011087370.442 CAD−2.47%−0.084 CAD
BR09MYBrazil 9 Month Government Bonds Yield10.010%2024-10-01220942.354 BRL−0.71%−0.072 BRL
BR01YBrazil 1 Year Government Bonds Yield9.874%2025-01-01312921.304 BRL−0.44%−0.044 BRL
BR02YBrazil 2 Year Government Bonds Yield10.268%2026-01-01677838.987 BRL−0.04%−0.004 BRL
BR03YBrazil 3 Year Government Bonds Yield10.00%10.038%2027-01-0110421012.523 BRL−0.26%−0.026 BRL
BR05YBrazil 5 Year Government Bonds Yield10.00%10.453%2029-01-011773998.293 BRL+0.29%0.030 BRL
BR08YBrazil 8 Year Government Bonds Yield10.00%10.685%2031-01-012503983.406 BRL+0.23%0.025 BRL
BR10YBrazil 10 Year Government Bonds Yield10.00%10.735%2033-01-013234974.891 BRL+0.20%0.021 BRL
CL02YChile 2 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%5.220%2026-03-01736100.827 CLP+0.58%0.030 CLP
CL04YChile 4 Year Government Bonds Yield2.30%5.350%2028-10-01168188.638 CLP+1.91%0.100 CLP
CL05YChile 5 Year Government Bonds Yield7.00%5.690%2029-05-011893108.032 CLP−0.00%−0.000 CLP
CL08YChile 8 Year Government Bonds Yield6.00%5.500%2032-01-012868104.060 CLP+1.29%0.070 CLP
CL10YChile 10 Year Government Bonds Yield6.00%5.540%2034-01-013599104.363 CLP+0.73%0.040 CLP
CL20YChile 20 Year Government Bonds Yield6.00%5.520%2043-01-016886106.488 CLP+2.22%0.120 CLP
CL30YChile 30 Year Government Bonds Yield5.10%5.500%2050-07-15963895.040 CLP+2.23%0.120 CLP
CO02YColombia 2 Year Government Bonds Yield10.00%10.449%2024-07-2415199.706 COP−0.02%−0.002 COP
CO04YColombia 4 Year Government Bonds Yield7.50%9.090%2026-08-2691496.494 COP−0.33%−0.030 COP
CO05YColombia 5 Year Government Bonds Yield7.50%9.090%2026-08-2691496.494 COP−0.33%−0.030 COP
CO10YColombia 10 Year Government Bonds Yield7.00%9.750%2032-06-30304984.693 COP+0.21%0.020 COP
CO15YColombia 15 Year Government Bonds Yield6.25%10.080%2036-07-09451973.513 COP+0.80%0.080 COP
PE02YPeru 2 Year Government Bonds Yield5.70%5.300%2024-08-12170100.175 PEN+0.00%0.000 PEN
PE05YPeru 5 Year Government Bonds Yield8.20%5.040%2026-08-12900107.212 PEN+0.60%0.030 PEN
PE10YPeru 10 Year Government Bonds Yield6.15%6.550%2032-08-12309297.487 PEN+0.77%0.050 PEN
PE15YPeru 15 Year Government Bonds Yield6.90%6.910%2037-08-124918100.045 PEN+0.44%0.030 PEN
PE20YPeru 20 Year Government Bonds Yield5.35%6.870%2040-08-12601486.158 PEN+0.00%0.000 PEN
PE30YPeru 30 Year Government Bonds Yield6.71%6.780%2055-02-1211311100.587 PEN−0.00%−0.000 PEN