New stable Charting Library and Trading Terminal (V1.13) released

Sep 5, 2018

We are happy to present you the latest version of our Charting Library and Trading Terminal.

What’s new in the Charting Library?


  • It is now possible to change the theme (Github issue #1277).

   Go ahead and pick your favorite colors!

  • Top panel that is adaptive to smaller screens (Github issue #2491).

 The site looks better than ever on mobile devices now!

  • Scale ratio option has been added to chart settings (Github issue #2240).

  You are now able to change the scale without losing the ratio.


  • Delayed data status has been added to the chart (Github issue #2396).
  • A symbol comparing dialog appears when adding a correlation coefficient to the chart now (Github issue #1169).
  • OnVisibleRangeChanged event processing has been added (Github issue #813).
  • New API to work with the scales has been added (Github issue #1050).
  • It’s now possible to specify the price scale that an indicator will be added to when creating indicators (Github issue #1170).


The most popular indicators have been added and fixed

  • Pivot points indicator has been added (Github issue #1747).
  • MACD is calculated based on the exponential average now (Github issue #1300).
  • Meet 2 new indicators – Spread & Ratio (Github issue #2875).

Bugs fixed

  • Volume indicator colors are back in order now (Github issue #3227).
  • XSS vulnerability when transferring the indicatorsFile parameter has been fixed (Github issue #3210).
  • Unknown 1-minute time frame has been removed from the top panel (Github issue #3207).
  • 1000+ drawings pop-up message has been removed (Github issue #3158).
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrectly displayed drawing on a 60-second time frame when switching time frames (Github issue #3147).
  • Pivot Points indicator calculation on hourly and daily time frames has been fixed (Github issue #3144).
  • Fixed an option to add chart type and time frame to favorites (Github issue #3036).
  • Chart loading was fixed (Github issue #2999).
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect display of data (Github issue #2665).
  • Fixed an issue that was causing bars to shift when negative timezone & 00:00 time is selected (Github issue #2652).
  • Previous close has been removed from the context menu of the price scale (Github issue #2643).
  • Fixed an issue with symbol change through library API (Github issue #2581).
  • Fixed an issue with data gap on the 31st of December if symbol was traded during the weekend (Github issue #2581).
  • Russian translations were added for several time frames (Github issue #2494).
  • Fixed an issue with the sending of temporary user info files (Github issue #2484).
  • Fixed an issue that used to appear when scrolling charts left (too far back) (Github issue #2477).
  • Added an option to use line data type for chart ID (Github issue #2448).
  • Renamed the Williams’ Fractals setting to lower and upper fractals (Github issue #2425).
  • Fixed the way tags are displayed on the time scale (Github issue #2423).
  • Symbol switch on the chart has been fixed (Github issue #2062).
  • Fixed the way FeatureSet works when hiding/displaying the toolbar on the left (Github issue #2036).
  • Synced translations request (when the library is loading) has been removed (Github issue #773).
  • Label hiding on the scales when clicking hide all drawing tools has been fixed (Github issue #477).
  • Added the default value (5) to marks on the bars (Github issue #3139).
  • Fixed an issue with indicators not being able to be added to favorites (Github issue #1998).

What’s new in the Trading Terminal?


  • Added the notifications log tab to the bottom panel (Github issue #2538) All relevant details are kept in a single place now!
  • Added the ability to display market depth (Github issue #2316) You’ve got more data for a comprehensive market analysis at your disposal now!
  • Added the updated version of Watchlist (Github issue #1697) You are able to save multiple watchlists in the Trading Terminal. Navigating through your favorite symbols is now easier than ever!


  • Added an option to place an order with fractional quantities for cryptocurrencies (Github issue #2322).
  • Modify order availability can be set through an API now (Github issue #3015).
  • Added an option to change the value of Don’t show order confirmations parameter on the broker side (Github issue #2261).
  • Added a link that opens symbol description in a separate tab (Github issue #2021).

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