septiembre 5, 2018

Lanzamiento de nueva versión de librería de gráficos estable y terminal de trading (V1.13)

We are happy to present you the latest version of our Charting Library and Trading Terminal.

¿Qué hay de nuevo en la Biblioteca de gráficos?


  • Ahora es posible cambiar el tema (Github issue #1277).

  ¡Adelante y elija sus colores favoritos!

  • Panel superior adaptable a pantallas más pequeñas (Github issue #2491).

¡Ahora el sitio se ve mejor que nunca en dispositivos móviles!

  • La opción de ratio de escala se ha agregado a la configuración del gráfico (Github issue #2240).

Ahora puede cambiar la escala sin perder la proporción.



  • El estado de los datos retrasados se ha agregado al gráfico (Github issue #2396)
  • Aparece un cuadro de diálogo de comparación de símbolos cuando se agrega un coeficiente de correlación al gráfico ahora (Github issue #1169)
  • Se ha agregado el procesamiento de eventos OnVisibleRangeChanged (Github issue #813)
  • Se agregó una nueva API para trabajar con las escalas (Github issue #1050)
  • It’s now possible to specify the price scale that an indicator will be added to when creating indicators (Github issue #1170)


Los indicadores más populares se han agregado y arreglado

  • Se agregó el indicador de puntos pivote (Github issue #1747)
  • MACD se calcula en base a la media exponencial ahora (Github issue #1300)
  • Conoce 2 nuevos indicadores – Spread & Ratio (Github issue #2875)

Fallos solucionados

  • Los colores del indicador de volumen vuelven a estar en orden ahora (Github issue #3227)
  • Vulnerabilidad XSS al transferir los el parám indicadoresEl parámetro de archivo ha sido corregido
    (Github issue #3210)
  • Unknown 1-minute time frame has been removed from the top panel (Github issue #3207)
  • 1000+ drawings pop-up message has been removed (Github issue #3158)
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrectly displayed drawing on a 60-second time frame when switching time frames (Github issue #3147)
  • Pivot Points indicator calculation on hourly and daily time frames has been fixed (Github issue #3144)
  • Fixed an option to add chart type and time frame to favorites (Github issue #3036)
  • Chart loading was fixed (Github issue #2999)
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect display of data (Github issue #2665)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing bars to shift when negative timezone & 00:00 time is selected (Github issue #2652)
  • Previous close has been removed from the context menu of the price scale (Github issue #2643)
  • Fixed an issue with symbol change through library API (Github issue #2581)
  • Fixed an issue with data gap on the 31st of December if symbol was traded during the weekend (Github issue #2581)
  • Russian translations were added for several time frames (Github issue #2494)
  • Fixed an issue with the sending of temporary user info files (Github issue #2484)
  • Fixed an issue that used to appear when scrolling charts left (too far back) (Github issue #2477)
  • Added an option to use line data type for chart ID (Github issue #2448)
  • Renamed the Williams’ Fractals setting to lower and upper fractals (Github issue #2425)
  • Fixed the way tags are displayed on the time scale (Github issue #2423)
  • Symbol switch on the chart has been fixed (Github issue #2062)
  • Fixed the way FeatureSet works when hiding/displaying the toolbar on the left (Github issue #2036)
  • Synced translations request (when the library is loading) has been removed (Github issue #773)
  • Label hiding on the scales when clicking hide all drawing tools has been fixed (Github issue #477)
  • Added the default value (5) to marks on the bars (Github issue #3139)
  • Fixed an issue with indicators not being able to be added to favorites (Github issue #1998)

What’s new in the Trading Terminal?


  • Added the notifications log tab to the bottom panel (Github issue #2538) All relevant details are kept in a single place now!
  • Added the ability to display market depth (Github issue #2316) You’ve got more data for a comprehensive market analysis at your disposal now!
  • Added the updated version of Watchlist (Github issue #1697) You are able to save multiple watchlists in the Trading Terminal. Navigating through your favorite symbols is now easier than ever!


  • Added an option to place an order with fractional quantities for cryptocurrencies (Github issue #2322)
  • Modify order availability can be set through an API now (Github issue #3015)
  • Added an option to change the value of Don’t show order confirmations parameter on the broker side (Github issue #2261)
  • Added a link that opens symbol description in a separate tab (Github issue #2021)