TradingView integrates Osmosis crypto indices data

Jul 3, 2023

The crypto universe keeps expanding, so it’s crucial to have access to as much data as possible — to encompass the full scale of opportunities. Today, we’re presenting another data source to help you with this — welcome, Osmosis!

Osmosis (OSMO) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for Cosmos, an ecosystem of sovereign, interoperable blockchains. Being an app chain DEX, Osmosis can boast better control over its blockchain stack — unlike other exchanges that have to follow the parent chain’s code. This helped Osmosis improve Proof-of-Stake security by developing Superfluid Staking, a groundbreaking technology allowing you to stake the OSMO tokens to underlie your liquidity provider positions.

This allows Osmosis users to deposit tokens within its various liquidity pools to earn protocol fees and token incentives. On top of that, they can swap 100+ tokens across blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polkadot, and with that and more, Osmosis provides UX-optimized DeFi for the cross-chain future.

And now, Osmosis shares its data with TradingView users. You can access it by typing the “OSMOSIS:” prefix in the symbol search field. Crypto indices tracking the exchange tokens’ prices in USD are at your disposal:

We keep adding new data to make your analysis of crypto markets more comprehensive, and we hope you’ll find the latest addition helpful. If you still feel some data is missing, let us know, and we’ll do our best to add it.

And don’t forget that Osmosis is one of many. Our platform reliably connects to hundreds of data feeds, with direct access to 1,357,880 instruments from all over the world. All this makes TradingView your only needed point of entry for everything markets.

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