Futures from Shanghai Futures Exchange: available on TradingView

Aug 2, 2023

The number of futures contracts traded worldwide keeps growing, and so does the futures market itself. That is why having access to as much data as possible is crucial to keep up with this growth. To help you with this, we have added new futures data from the futures exchange located in one of the world’s major financial centers, Shanghai.

The Shanghai Futures Exchange was established in 1999 as the amalgamation of several national-level futures exchanges. Its ultimate goal is to serve the real economy and provide futures trading on the principles of openness, impartiality, fairness, and integrity. Located in mainland China’s commercial capital and serving as a bridge between European and American futures markets, SHFE has earned the trust of traders and only keeps growing — in 2020, despite tumultuous pandemic times, it ranked second in the world by the number of commodity futures and options traded.

Today, SHFE provides futures on gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and many other metals, as well as energy and chemicals. All these are now available right on TradingView! Just open the symbol search and type the “SHFE:” prefix to see all the integrated data:

Just like the city of Shanghai, its futures exchange is dynamic and fast-growing, so the new data will definitely come in handy in your futures markets analysis. Keep sending us your feedback so that we know you’re all set for comprehensive market research.

Don’t forget that Shanghai Futures Exchange is one of many. Our platform reliably connects to hundreds of data feeds, with direct access to 1,357,880 instruments from all over the world. All this makes TradingView your only needed point of entry for everything markets.

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