July 21, 2021
Why We Changed Our Logo

It’s an eventful time for many TradingViewers. Suddenly, and out of the blue, our little cloud logo that you’ve known and loved for years – and will likely continue to love for many more years to come – disappeared. In its place, there’s a new logo across both our website and apps. We don’t want to leave you without answers so, in addition to our other article detailing our latest site-wide changes, we’ll go into a bit more detail here on why we decided to retire the old logo, what the new one means, and what comes next.

Why did you need to change the logo?

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely adored our little cloud. But it’s not aged well. When we first launched a decade ago, ‘the cloud’ was still in its infancy. So the idea of highlighting our unique selling point as one of the first companies to take interactive finance charts to the web made a ton of sense.

But that’s not true today. In 2021, it’s rarer for a business like ours not to be on the cloud. One look around any app store confirms this: there’s so many cloud logos, providing services for everything from customer relationship management solutions to web infrastructure and content delivery services. We’ve also grown beyond just charts: with vast additions in recent years to the platform’s watchlists, screeners, fundamental analysis tools, social networking components and much more.

So, as much as we liked that little guy, our cloud logo didn’t really represent us and our ambitions and it certainly didn’t represent you, the user, and what you’re doing on TradingView on a daily basis. It had to head off into pleasant retirement.

What’s this new logo?

In essence, the new logo is a ‘TV’ monogram, with both the T and the V sharing the dot to construct their letters. The three individual marks also have their own distinct meanings. The right angle represents a frame – a nod to our charts where much of your analysis is shaped. The dot represents an eye; your act of looking first, preparing to make a trade. Lastly, the final mark symbolizes what every trade wants to see: up and to the right. Profit.

Together the three symbols make TV, or TradingView. That’s it. Super simple, really, but we love it like the new puppy in the family.

What comes next?

Well, lots. We’ve got a ton of exciting developments in the pipeline, not least our partnerships with top sports stars Alex Honnold, Caite Zeliff and Leo Houlding. Check out our blog for updates as and when they arrive. Obviously, our new logo doesn’t have the rich heritage the old one did, yet. But it will – and it’ll be the face of many bold new adventures to come.

Thanks, as ever, for your thoughts and for your kindness. We make TradingView for you, and so appreciate your support as we build a bigger and better platform where the world can chart, chat and trade markets.

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