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Which generally have a bullish-into-year-end thesis accompanying them, but caution that an October bottom for the second year in a row and a mega three day rally to start November may be something of a trap.

When it comes to Apple, we have reservations that we topped under $200, for really obvious reasons, especially considering that on the monthly, the last three months of bearish price action haven't been that bearish.

Yet, because the weekly shows us that there are two bars under $150 and $140 from last year that never printed a low, that those areas are probably protected until Apple starts to seriously deflate and enter an end-of-life cycle bear market.

If Apple is going to enter an end of life cycle bear market, the MMs will 100% take out the $200 range and sell everything there first.

So, fundamentally, why would Apple be at the end of its life? The answer is simple: the company, all these years, wed itself to the Chinese Communist Party, which is the scourge of humanity, The Beast, and the benefactor to Babylon (Shanghai).

There's lots of really horrific data involving Apple numbers and the Chinese market right now, and the CCP under Xi Jinping is also rushing to replace other phone companies with domestic product, like the notorious Huawei.

The elephant in the room when it comes to cellular and computer purchases in China is that they're down because there are less people in China as a result of the enormous damage the novel pneumonia pandemic that originated in Wuhan City has caused.

SARS 1 in 2003 was covered up by the Party. The CCP made it seem like only a few thousand people died, when in reality, some accounts have stated that several million people died.

Today, the Party still claims that less than 122,000 people died from COVID-19, despite China being the epicentre of the disease.

You don't need an expert, or even a calculator, to figure out what's really going on and why the Chinese economy is in trouble.

What's at stake for Xi and his faction is the 24-year-long organ harvesting genocide and persecution against Falun Dafa's 100 million practitioners.

Although Xi has not participated in the persecution, and has, to the contrary, been killing via his Anti-corruption Campaign the Jiang Zemin faction who started and maintained the persecution all these years, the problem is that Xi is the head of the Party.

When you kill a dragon, you decapitate it. But first, you start with its tail. And it's telling that former Premier Li Keqiang died a few weeks ago, merely in his 60s, at the hands of "an heart attack."

So the fundamentals on Apple are bad because of China. So, with great faith in the principle of reversed logic, we actually look for longs with the chance to sell over $200.

But the charts, as they stand, are not giving us a long signal.

Everything, including Apple, bounced so hard in the first three days of November, and for Apple this came on the back of an earnings report, that we have to view the situation with major reservations, expecting that the candle painting of the low for the monthly bar has not yet been completed.

Last October, Apple pretended to bottom, pretended to double bottom in November, and then gave it all back and set the low of the year at the end of 2022, and all of this happened while the indexes had properly bottomed in October.

There was none of that "Magnificent 7" talk back then.

So, how to trade this? I think it's wiser to go long on a breakout over $183 in a size that allows you to take partials at $198, $205, and $215 than it is to have bought in the last three days.

And if we do dump, where we're looking for reversal patterns is at or below the April of 2022 low at $159.80~.

But if we're about to moon for manipulation, we're actually likely to see a sweep just below the current November low of $167.90.

So long as you can buy there without getting expired worthless on some short dated options, you'll have the best chance to ride the manipulation wave.

But be careful. When it's time for the CCP to fall, all the bigger dominoes go with it, because they're all really lesser dominoes.

Gap down overnight because of the time difference between Beijing and Manhattan means margin calls that scale in brutality, because Wall Street won't be in the mood to go risk on anything ever again.

Nor will it have the money or the breath to.
Watch for reversal patterns/stalls over $179 or a flirt with $180.

Apple is pretty close to looking like shorts are just dead.


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