How to identify a correction for the next impulse move ?

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How to identify if a correction is finished/completed and ready for the next impulse move ?

Hello everyone:

In this educational video I will go over how to properly identify a correction in price action analysis.
I recently made a price action workshop live stream video that went over everything on impulse - correction, structures/patterns, continuation and reversal corrections,
but I still get a lot of questions on identifying corrections itself.
How to draw, use the trendlines to identify a correction, and how to understand they are going to complete/finish.

In my opinion this is the most important part in technical analysis .
We need to understand that the market moves in phrases, it can only be in the impulsive phrase or corrective phrase.
The key to trading is to understand when a correction finishes, we are going to get the impulsive phrase which will give us traders a better edge in the market to enter, where the momentum is strong.

I have made many educational posts on price action analysis, specifically on continuation or reversal correction, which I will put the links below.

Any questions, comments, or feedback welcome to let me know.

Thank you


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