US Dollar, US Bond Yields, USOIL, and Volatility are Set To Rise

For the few years there has been a close correlation between the US Dollar Index, US Treasury Yields, US Oil, and The Volatility Index, as of right now all are forming similar accumulation patterns, with the DXY, and Oil both sitting at the PCZ of a potential Bullish 5-0 at the 50% Retrace after breaking above its trend and the US10 Year yield sitting at the 61.8 retrace of a potential deeper Bullish 5-0 aligning with previous support/resistance. If these Bullish 5-0s play out, I would expect to see the DXY, Yields, and Oil make higher highs. Meanwhile, the VIX is sitting at the PCZ of a potential Bullish Deep Gartley on the Log scale chart and appears to be double bottoming locally with a fair bit of lower timeframe Bullish Divergence. If the former 3 assets go up in price, I would fully expect the VIX to follow and potentially hit levels above $50.00 on an extra note, the WTICOUSD is also sitting at the 200-week Simple Moving Average and is testing a long term trend line, so this gives Oil even more support at these levels.