QTUM 1D Airdrop 14.02 what will happen: growth or drain?

QTUM investors waited for a miracle and finally it shot)
For a long time, the H&S reversal pattern was forming, which began its work out and, yes, it was almost finished). The first QTUMUSDT growth target is smeared in front of $9.

The promised airdrop also became the causative agent of such growth of QTUMUSD 14.02. A snapshot of deposits must be made on a middle 12.02
Those who have been reading our ideas for a long time should remember that XRP was drained a few days before the airdrop, and everyone wanted both growth and free coins, but got drawdowns on deposits.

Believe that growth will continue, then the white route for you.
Made a good profit on growth, do not forget to fix the profit and distribute it correctly, since the QTUMUSDT price may fall to $4.50
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