Delayed bottom may finally arrive with CPI report

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
I have been waiting over a month for the reversal to finally complete. We are clearly on the path, but still need a few more things to occur to confirm that we are still in Primary wave B, but that it is near completion. IF we are still in Primary B (blue letters), we are likely in Intermediate wave C (purple letters) and Minor wave 3 (yellow numbers) was possibly completed with the with low early this morning. Next steps would be Minor wave 4 up and then Minor wave 5 down which completes the two macro waves (Intermediate and Primary) above it as well.
Minor wave 4 should only last 1-2 days with a top below 4000. Target top is around 3982 by either tomorrow or Monday. We should then continue the final leg down with a drop of at least 130 points before March 16 and closer to March 14.
I have use wave extensions based on historical data to attempt to determine these reversal points. The most narrow and smaller set of data is the probably Minor wave 4 retracement points. While the top could go above 4000, it most likely would not surpass 4053. The short timeline and lack of game-changing information will likely limit a powerful upside burst above 4000.
The next set of extensions attempt to identify the end of Intermediate wave C based on the data for Intermediate waves A and B. This is the left most set of extensions that are at the top and bottom of the chart. Typically Intermediate wave C extends beyond 127.13% of Intermediate wave A, however, that move seems quite significant in the likely short period of time that remains. The bottom should move below 3764 which was the prior low from the end of December, but nothing more is required to closeout this wave. I am placing the lowest possible bottom around 3700 but it depends on the momentum which will be apparent by next Friday. This will continue to be evaluated
The final set of extensions attempt to identify the end of Primary wave B based on the data from Primary wave A when compared to historical wave relationships. March 16th would tie the longest length relationship between a Primary wave A to Primary wave C. This also corresponds to the longer end of relationships for Intermediate wave A to Intermediate wave C. The extensions are the furthest set to the far right. In order to meet a 100% extension for Intermediate wave C, this would create around a minimum 50% retracement for Primary wave B from wave A. The extension ranges for this data are quite wide and my targeted forecast moves are around median movements which are easy targets to pick.
I will re-evaluate late next week to see if Minor 4 occurred near the plan and if wave 5 had begun. Best case all of this finally occurs and we can finally end Primary wave B. A major change after the recent spat of declines would likely stem from a major event. The Fed doesn’t meet until after the 17th of March, but the CPI report is on the 14th. If the bottom occurs on or before the 14th it could be based on the set of data. A lower inflation reading could spur the rally and then the Fed confirms inflation is coming under control a week later further igniting the next rally. Primary wave C would start around 2 months later than originally predicted, but it would likely place the next market top in mid- to late-summer. I still forecast a nice top above 4400-4700 before my doom and gloom forecast which I will touch on later and can be found in my old forecasts going back almost a whole year now.

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