US10Y Is more selling pressure ahead?

TVC:US10Y   US Government Bonds 10 YR Yield
The U.S. Government Bonds 10 YR Yield ( US10Y ) confirmed our huge Bearish Divergence spotted on our October 25 analysis and started the first pull-back since July:

The price is now below the 1D MA50 (blue trend-line) for the first time since August 19 and today is testing it as a Resistance. A double candle close above the 1D MA50, restores the bullish trend towards the October 21 High. Failure to establish two 1D candle closings above it, should most likely extend the selling pressure towards the 1D MA100 (green trend-line), which was where the pull-backs of March 07 and November 09 2021 found Support. A closing below it targets the final long-term Support of 1D MA200 ( orange trend-line).

As you see on the chart, that still wouldn't change the long-term bullish trend on the US10Y as it would hit the bottom (Higher Lows trend-line) of the Channel Up (green). On the other hand a closing below the 1D MA200, would constitute a long-term trend change to bearish and target first the 1W MA100 (red trend-line).


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