Auto Anchored Volume Profile

Oct 26, 2022

We’re excited to present our new Auto Anchored Volume Profile (AAVP). It displays only one profile at a time, starting at an automatically-selected point, and extends to the last bar on the chart. When a new period is reached, the previous profile is discarded and a new one begins, allowing you to focus on the most recent market activity.

AAVP shares many features with our other volume profiles, which you can read about in our Help Center, but it comes with three novel anchoring methods: Highest High, Lowest Low, and Highest Volume. When any of these are selected, rather than reset on a fixed period, AAVP will look for the HH/LL/HV bar in the last number of bars specified in the “Length” field and start the profile there, relocating the profile as new bars come in that meet the reset condition.

Like all our other volume profiles, AAVP can also display your choice of “Up/Down”, “Total” or “Delta” volume.

We hope you find this highly-requested feature as useful as we think it’ll be, and please do keep sending us your feedback and suggestions so we can make the platform the best it can be. We build TradingView for you, and we’re always keen to hear your thoughts.

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