Октябрь 20, 2014
Featured Ideas of the Week — October 19

This digest bringing you some of the top Trading ideas every week — generated by users, picked by analysts. Actionable, easy, useful. Now you will be able to see the most exciting ideas even if you don’t have enough time to look for them on TradingView. If you’d like your idea to be a part of the digest, please follow our House Rules when publishing an idea.

Picks From Community Top Authors

EURUSD — Likely To Form Reversal Low Long
Top author and elliottician DanV counts the waves for the EURUSD over the long term time horizon… An interesting call…

Add This To Your Toolbox ~ Technician Breadth Indicator!
Applying an analytical approach to market breadth , top Author Technician introduces exculisvely for the tradingview community a uniqe breadth indicator.. 

 Promising Trades and Insightful Analysis 

Is It Ready To Turn Back Up?
A very thorough analysis and educational insight from Tone_LLT  on a BTCUSD chart…. Read it…

NZD/JPY Prepare For 1000 Pips +
AcademyInvestment clearly illustrates why trend may have reversed for now , and provide an attractive risk-reward trade for the NZDJPY

Bitcoin /dollar — Btcusd -daily — Two Scenarios From Here $375 
As usually expected of timwest, a great illustrative chart with different potentials scenarios, very insightful.. very valuable. Get informed…

Facebook — About To Face The Music.
DanV reserves a second spot this week, with his controversial bearish call on Facebook… Follow the count..

Based on a harmonic ABCD structure, trader river_54 provides a promising trade… 


(Successfully completed trades, with precise and direct to the point on chart analysis)

Crude Oil Wti December — Clz2014 — Daily — Time At Mode Analysis By timwest

This Week in Scripts and Custom Indicators

CM_UCS_modified Slingshot 

With a stunning 100+ likes ucsgears books a spot in the top picks of the week for the second week in a row. Sling-Shot it…


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