BULLSEYE - A 10% profits trade.

Some trades are easy, some are not. This one here was definitely among the easy ones. If you missed my previous analysis on AAPL , just check it bellow and remember to follow me to keep updated of our trades and analysis. Here’s the link to my previous analysis, on April 22:

When that candle closed, it formed a pattern that those who follow me know I like to trade – a Harami. But there’s more! The pattern was close to 3 main supports: 1 – The 21 ema ; 2 – The purple trendline; 3 – The previous top (now bottom). And even better: The green candle closed above all the 3 of them. As I said in my previous analysis, that would be a very good sign. I love when a trade is absolutely obvious, like this one!

But how to trade a Harami? Simple, I usually put a buy order 1 cent (sometimes more) above the previous candle’s high. If I’m afraid that a gap will not let me buy just one cent above, then I buy half of my position near the end of the Harami’s day and wait for the confirmation next day. The confirmation is always the most important thing, because we need to know if the Harami was triggered or not.

Now, AAPL reached our main target after 2 weeks, and now we can sell it and book our profits. Congratulations to those who did catch this trade, that was an easy one! If you missed this trade, now it isn’t time to buy, neither to short. It’s too close to the trendline, and there’s a chance that it will hold the price again, then the risk/reward of a short is not attractive. There’re more interesting trades to do.

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Thank you very much.

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