EURAUD: Ideal opportunity for a pair trade

FX_IDC:EURAUD   Euro / Australian Dollar
After seeing The Working Trader's idea I figured I could attemp a pair trade in this pair, to take advantage of the interest rate differential in both EURUSD             short and AUDUSD             long.

The entry will be a market order, but I'd have to see how the markets open tomorrow, I will update the chart by then.
For now, keep in mind that for pair trades, I aim to open a big position on each side, which thanks to the pair trade's more 'market neutral' stance, lets me use no stop loss and be somewhat safe, at least, as long as the ratio chart's setup is valid (in this case EURAUD             ).

The advantages are multiple, check out The Working Trader's post in 'related ideas' for more information, I detailed it there.
For now, if you want to enter this trade, find out the ADR value (atr of 1,5,10 and 20 bars added together and divided by 4). Once you know this you can calculate position size in base on your desired risk, per day.
You will have to watch the trade, unless you're deep in profit, it won't be a set and forget deal.

Good luck, and wait for the update regarding entry tomorrow.
Target is initially the time at mode one, but it can retrace the whole terminal wedge (it should for it to be valid, and it has to occur in 1/3-1/4 the time it took to be formed).

Trade closed: stop reached
With a spread this wide, this is a no brainer short right now.
We might be getting that short here soon, watching, but I'm more interested in gbpnzd.
Downtrend invalidated...You can look for longs in *aud and *nzd pairs because gold is falling hard.
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I will enter the short soon, waiting for EURAUD to enter that purple zone in my chart, or to form a bigger mode and a breakout lower.
HI JVAN my idea
IvanLabrie manijeh.kazemi.33
Maybe, I'm not sure that's a nested impulse but well. Outcome is the same for now.
IvanLabrie IvanLabrie
(The reaction to time expiration of the uptrend is pretty clear...)
I suggest waiting for a retracement. If all goes as planned price will either form a new mode here or reach the target, rebound and then fall sharply again. Right now, the only safe thing to do is to wait. I expect EURUSD to rally some more on Monday, but I also expect AUDUSD and gold to rally some more, so I'm not sure how that will affect this ratio chart.
a break of that trendline
will make it plunge quicker
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